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Department of Motor Vehicles
Department of Motor Vehicles
Driver Training Schools Regulations [24 VAC 20 ‑ 121]
67 guidance documents relevant to this chapter for the criteria specified

ID Title Effective Date  
Agency level documents applying to all of this agency's boards
6582 DMV Seizure/Blackout Policy 8/10/2015 
6583 DMV Substance Abuse Policy 7/28/2015 
6584 DMV Cognitive Impairment Policy 7/30/2016 
6585 DMV Diabetes Policy 9/19/2018 
6586 DMV Pain Management Policy 7/28/2015 
6587 DMV Visual Field Policy 8/2/2016 
6588 DMV Policy for Drivers with Heart-Assist Devices 7/30/2016 
6589 DMV Policy for Drivers with Respiratory Conditions Requiring Supplemental Oxygen and/or Sleep Disorders 7/30/2018 
6590 DMV Transient Ischemic Attack and/or Cerebral Vascular Accident Policy 7/28/2015 
6591 DMV Vaso-Vagal Syncope Policy 7/28/2015 
6592 DMV Policy for Drivers with Psychiatric Disorders 7/28/2015 
6633 Sample Virginia Addendum 5/6/2019 
6636 Virginia Medical Waiver Guidance 10/23/2018 
6734 Driver's Manual Course Curriculum 10/1/2015 
6735 Driver Training School Manual 7/26/2010 
6788 DMV Policy for Drivers Experiencing a Crash Due to a Pedal Application Error 2/6/2020 
6789 DMV Policy for Adaptive Equipment and Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS) Referrals 2/6/2020 
6829 DMV Social Media Rules of Engagement 4/16/2020  Changes Being Made
6967 Virginia DMV Title VI Program Compliance Plan 3/4/2021 
6969 Disability Accommodations Process and Guidelines 3/4/2021 
6998 Manufacturer and Distributor Licensing Letter 5/13/2021 
7142 RoadTest Tablet letter 12/23/2021  Changes Being Made
7247 Class A Driver Training School Background Check Policy 9/15/2022 
7248 Class B Driver Training School Background Check Policy 9/15/2022 
6624 Personalized License Plate Guidelines and Restrictions 12/31/2018  Changes Being Made
DI 15 Driver Improvement Clinic License Application 8/10/2012 
DMV 115 Moving Violations and Point Assessments, the Virginia Driver Improvement Program 7/1/2020 
DMV 115S Infracciones de la Circulación y Cálculo de Puntos, Programa de mejoramiento para conductores de Virginia 8/19/2020 
DMV 141 Obtaining a Virginia Driver's License or Identification (ID) Card 12/3/2018 
DMV 141S Obtención de una licencia de conducción de Virginia o una tarjeta de identificación (ID) 12/31/2018 
DMV 143 Re-Establishing your Virginia Residency or Qualifying for a Virginia Address Requirement Exception 12/28/2010 
DMV 172 Virginia’s Secure Children's Identification Cards 9/5/2018  Changes Being Made
DMV 172SP Las Tarjetas de Identificación para los niños de Virginia de alta seguridad 9/5/2018  Changes Being Made
DMV 177 Acceptable Documents for an Individual Titling a Vehicle in Virginia 11/9/2018 
DMV 177S Documentos aceptables Para obtener el título de un vehículo en Virginia 11/9/2018 
DMV 206 Military Guide 7/1/2019 
DMV 226 Virginia Motorcycle Rider Training Program, Virginia Rider Training Program Policy and Procedures 1/24/2014  Changes Being Made
DMV 230 Reason For Driver Improvement Courses 12/31/2018 
DMV 248 Virginia Motor Carrier Manual 10/15/2020 
DMV 252A Veterans Indicator 7/1/2018  Changes Being Made
DMV 255 Virginia Troops to Trucks 7/1/2019 
DMV 269 Vital Records at DMV 9/21/2015 
DMV 270 Red Flags of Medically At-risk Drivers 7/29/2014 
DMV 299 REAL ID - You have a REAL Choice 12/23/2021 
DMV 300 REAL ID - A REAL Choice for Virginians 12/23/2021 
DMV 303 Get on Board with REAL ID 12/23/2021 
DMV 309 Obtaining a Virginia Driver Privilege Card 12/24/2020 
DMV 309S Obtención de una Tarjeta de Privilegio de Conductor en Virginia 12/24/2020 
DMV 72 Automobile Liability Insurance Reporting Business Guide 1/1/2018 
DTS 30 Commercial Driver Training School Curriculum Requirements 7/1/2019 
DTS 30A Class A Third Party Tester Driving School Curriculum Requirements 11/28/2019 
DTS 31 Class A Driver Training School Contract Requirements 11/28/2019 
DTS 32E Online Driver's Manual Course Requirements 8/8/2019 
HP 405 Virginia Escort Vehicle Driver's Manual 1/1/2014 
HS 3 Home-Schooled In-Car Driver Education Information Sheet 7/1/2018 
HS 4 Home-Schooled Re-examination Requirements Information Sheet 4/25/2014 
MED 4 Customer Vision Report 2/10/2018 
MED 80 Medical Fitness for Safe Driving 7/1/2017 
MED 80A Medical Fitness Frequently Asked Questions 11/20/2018 
OA 448 Sample Tariff for Common Carriers over Irregular Routes 11/1/2003 
OA 449 Sample Tariff and Time Schedule for Common Carriers over Regular Routes 11/1/2003 
OA 450 Sample Tariff for Household Goods Carriers 2/16/2005 
TPT 555 Third-Party Tester Agreement 2/17/2017 
TPT 556 Surety Bond Affidavit and Acknowledgment of Surety 7/1/2015 
TPT499 Agreement and Designation for use of RoadTest Tablets 12/23/2021 
TSS 96 Virginia Rider Training Program Training Site License Application 2/18/2021  Changes Being Made
US 532C DMV Information-Use Criteria 3/25/2020  Changes Being Made

Documents listed are for the parent board or agency since they may be relevant to this chapter. No guidance documents apply to this chapter specifically.