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Department of Transportation
Department of Transportation
Land Use Permit Regulations [24 VAC 30 ‑ 151]
16 guidance documents relevant to this chapter for the criteria specified

ID Title Effective Date  
Agency level documents applying to all of this agency's boards
DM-14-1 Criteria for Transferring Secondary Roads to the Primary System 4/15/2014 
GUIDE-AAD Guide to Highway System Changes 3/30/2023 
LAD-EDA Economic Development Program Access Guide 10/1/2014 
BOARD: Department of Transportation
FAQ-LUPR-1 Frequently Asked Questions - Land Use Permits * 10/2/2014 
LAD-LAPM Locally Administered Projects Manual 7/21/2021 
LAD-RSPG Revenue Sharing Program Guidelines 7/1/2017 
LAD-TAPG Transportation Alternatives Program Guide 10/26/2023 
LD-PPM VDOT Policy Manual for Public Participation in Transportation Projects 11/21/2016 
MAP-1 Virginia Official State Transportation Map Policy and Procedures 2/2/2023 
MAP-3 Interagency Scenic Roads Map Advisory Committee Policy and Selection Criteria 2/2/2023 
PMPS-01 Manual for the Procurement and Management of Professional Services 7/1/2017 
PPTA-1 Public-Private Transportation Act Implementation Manual and Guidelines 10/1/2017 
TCG-2017 Traffic Calming Guide for Neighborhood Streets 11/1/2017 
TIA-ADG Traffic Impact Analysis Regulations Administrative Guidelines * 10/13/2022 
TMPD-LDIDBPM Land Development Inspection & Documentation Manual * 3/30/2023 
VTIB-1 The Virginia Transportation Infrastructure Bank: Program Overview, Guidelines and Selection Criteria 9/1/2016 

* Document applies to this chapter specifically. Other documents listed apply to the parent board or agency.