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Department of Health Professions
Board of Veterinary Medicine
40 guidance documents relevant to this board for the criteria specified

ID Title Effective Date  
Agency level documents applying to all of this agency's boards
76-10.06 Disciplinary process for cases involving non-compliance with section 54.1-2400.6 1/5/2023 
76-10.17 Publication of Notices and Orders on the Department websites 1/5/2023 
76-10.24 Summary suspensions and restrictions 3/6/2018 
76-20.04 Disclosure of non-investigative information by the Department 1/5/2023 
76-20.05 Disclosure of Information to Health Practitioner Monitoring Program 1/5/2023 
76-34 Reporting by Hospitals and Other Health Care Institutions 9/16/2021 
76-35 Virginia Freedom of Information Act Requests 9/1/2022 
76-40.01 Receipt and investigation of allegations of misconduct 1/5/2023 
76-40.02 Unlicensed activity 1/5/2023 
76-40.05 Diciplinary cases involving board members 1/5/2023 
76-80.12 Extension of time for active duty service members or spouses 1/5/2023 
76-90.01 Prescription Drug Monitoring Advisory Committee 5/4/2018 
76-90.03 Foreign applicants and social security numbers 12/8/2022 
76-90.05 Principles/Establishment of Fees 1/5/2023 
BOARD: Board of Veterinary Medicine
150-1 Disposition of cases involving applicants practicing veterinary technology prior to licensure 5/2/2019 
150-10 Allowances to purchase, possess and administer drugs within an animal shelter 12/23/2021 
150-11 Continuing Education (CE) Audits and Sanctioning for Failure to Complete CE 5/2/2019 
150-12 Administration of rabies vaccine 7/29/2021 
150-13 Controlled substances in veterinary practices 5/13/2021 
150-14 Process for delegation of informal fact-finding to an agency subordinate 12/23/2021 
150-15 Disposition of routine inspection violations 4/28/2022 
150-16 Protocol for loss or theft of drugs at a veterinary facility 3/11/2021 
150-17 Sanction Reference Points Instruction Manual 6/1/2014 
150-18 Bylaws of the Board of Veterinary Medicine 9/30/2021 
150-19 Delegation of dental polishing-cleaning 12/23/2021 
150-2 Expanded duties for veterinary technicians 10/24/2017 
150-20 Duties of unlicensed assistants 12/23/2021 
150-21 Frequently asked questions about reporting to the Prescription Monitoring Program 4/28/2022 
150-22 Veterinarians and Wildlife Rehabilitators - Prescription Drugs 12/23/2021 
150-23 Disposal of deceased animals 3/11/2021 
150-24 Guidelines for processing applications for licensure 12/23/2021 
150-25 Guidance for telehealth in the practice of veterinary medicine 9/17/2020 
150-26 Guidance on the regulations for veterinary establishments 5/13/2021 
150-3 Preceptorships and externships for veterinary technicians 3/11/2021 
150-4 “Chip” clinics outside approved facilities 12/23/2021 
150-5 Use of compounded drugs in veterinary practices 7/1/2018 
150-7 Disposition of cases involving failure of veterinarian-in-charge to notify board of establishment closure 3/11/2021 
150-8 Disposition of cases involving practice on an expire license or permit 12/8/2022 
150-9 Content of a medical record 12/8/2022 
76-21.2:1 Inspection report for veterinary establishments 6/24/2021