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Board of Accountancy
16 guidance documents relevant to this agency for the criteria specified
Documents applying to multiple boards may be listed under each board.

ID Title Effective Date  
Agency level documents applying to all of this agency's boards
3638 Board of Accountancy Rights and Responsibilities under FOIA 8/22/2019 
5970 VBOA Policy #1: Trust Account 4/1/2020 
5971 VBOA Policy #2: Continuing Professional Education Guidelines for Sponsors 8/20/2020 
5972 VBOA Policy #3: Substantially Equivalent Jurisdictions 8/20/2020 
5973 VBOA Policy #4: Continuing Professional Education Guidelines for CPAs 8/20/2020 
5974 VBOA Policy #5: Publication of Disciplinary Action 12/31/2018 
5975 VBOA Policy #6: CPA and International Qualification Examinations 12/31/2018 
5976 VBOA Policy #7: Peer Review Oversight Committee 12/31/2018 
5977 VBOA Policy #8: Ethics Committee 8/20/2020 
5978 VBOA Policy #9: Inactive Status Procedure for Approval/Denial/Appeal 3/5/2020 
5979 VBOA Policy #10: Electronic Participation in Virginia Board of Accountancy Meetings 12/12/2019 
6132 Education Handbook 9/1/2017 
6208 CPE Violation Penalties - Guidelines 6/24/2021 
6831 Virginia Board of Accountancy Bylaws 4/30/2020 
6848 Enforcement Processes 10/29/2020 
7030 Disposition of Cases Involving Unlicensed Use of the CPA Title by Previously Licensed Individuals 4/22/2021