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Continuing Education Amendment
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CLOSED     Opened on 11/21/2022 and Ended on 12/21/2022

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Comment Title Commenter
Trade off Electrician Apprentice 2-2 RJATC  12/22/22  12:05 am
Continuing education is essential Leo Herbert  12/21/22  5:04 pm
Continuing Education is critically important Charles Skelly IBEW 666  12/21/22  3:48 pm
Regulations Gary F.Burner. CWD/PI  12/21/22  3:24 pm
Well drill/pump regulation Anonymous (206751)  12/21/22  3:17 pm
@ Anonymous (206748) Sparky  12/21/22  3:12 pm
All these comments against ending this requirement are ridiculous Anonymous (206748)  12/21/22  2:48 pm
Continuing Education James Firebaugh  12/21/22  1:05 pm
Are you trying to get me killed? An educated and frightened electrician  12/21/22  12:29 pm
To the idiot who proposed this: Continuous Education has no downside Sean Cassar  12/21/22  9:58 am
Don’t do away with incentives for continuing education that benefit Virginia Dan Taylor  12/21/22  9:54 am
It’s so stupid that I have to laugh so I don’t cry Kat Harville, Carpenters LU 205  12/21/22  9:08 am
Do not eliminate continuing education Josh VanDyke  12/21/22  7:12 am
Continuing education Anonymous (206721)  12/20/22  9:10 pm
Keep education James Bragg  12/20/22  7:50 pm
Continue Education Neri Canahui-Ortiz  12/20/22  7:50 pm
Amendment for continuing education Sebastian Ponce  12/20/22  7:50 pm
4,440 REASONS FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION Adam Boles  12/20/22  5:26 pm
Continuing Education Bobby Mann  12/20/22  5:07 pm
CEC for JW Licences Tim Morris  12/20/22  5:00 pm
Not in favor. Nate Davenport  12/20/22  4:24 pm
Keep Continuing Education A Zion  12/20/22  4:06 pm
Education is a roadblock? CARSON W ROGERS  12/20/22  3:48 pm
Continued Education Sam Houchins  12/20/22  3:44 pm
Continuing Education Amendment Gregg Spicer, Richmond Electricians' JATC  12/20/22  3:30 pm
Continuing Education Requirement Support Richard Padilla Atlantic Coast NECA  12/20/22  3:24 pm
Continue Continuing Education Jason Parker  12/20/22  2:13 pm
Please do NOT eliminate continuing education!!! Jason Wheeler  12/20/22  2:06 pm
Continuing education is always needed Concernened Tradesman  12/20/22  1:49 pm
Don't Change requirements for the safety of the Virginia residents Vance Ayres  12/20/22  1:30 pm
Continue Education is Important Eric Lambert  12/20/22  12:01 pm

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