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Lower Cosmetology Training to 1,000 Hours
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CLOSED     Opened on 9/12/2022 and Ended on 10/12/2022

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Comment Title Commenter
Keeping Hours Peter Eriks  10/12/22  5:19 pm
Education Cosmetology Curriculum Hours Riley Smith (SMIHA) Cosmetology Instructor  10/12/22  5:04 pm
Comment in support of proposed rule Daniel Greenberg  10/12/22  2:30 pm
Please support lowering the hours to 1000 hours Debra Sawyer  10/12/22  12:16 pm
Support Ben Knotts, Americans for Prosperity Virginia  10/12/22  9:54 am
DO NOT REDUCE THE COSMETOLOGY HOURS Christina Stocks  10/11/22  4:21 pm
Cosmetology hours Treasure Spinner  10/11/22  3:24 pm
A reduction in education is not the answer Kristen Kent  10/11/22  12:00 pm
Do Not Reduce Hours Joyce Worrall  10/11/22  11:20 am
Support Kim Hymel  10/7/22  12:59 pm
I support. James Taylor  10/7/22  9:32 am
I am against the reduction of training hours for cosmetology. Tanya Lumsden  10/7/22  9:22 am
Support Jacqueline Anderson  10/6/22  8:24 pm
I Support a Reduction of Cosmetologist Regulation/Hours Contingent that Public Health is Not at Risk J. Jones  10/6/22  9:58 am
I am against the reduction of Cosmetology Hours for a Cosmetology License in Virginia Ms. Williams  10/5/22  7:13 pm
Cosmetology training hours Anonymous (185065)  10/4/22  1:36 pm
Do No Reduce Cosmetology Hours Anonymous (183426)  10/1/22  6:54 pm
Do not reduce hours Anonymous (182354)  9/30/22  2:18 pm
do not reduce hours! Anonymous (182263)  9/30/22  1:24 pm
Cosmetology Hours Staunton School of Cosmetology  9/30/22  11:49 am
DO NOT REDUCE HOURS Anonymous (156759)  9/28/22  9:51 am
DO NOT REDUCE HOURS Tamara Lewis Salon Voss, Inc.  9/27/22  4:33 pm
Trimming Cosmetologist Regulation Will Not Harm Consumers Edward Timmons, West Virginia University  9/27/22  12:52 pm
Do not reduce hours Anonymous (146127)  9/27/22  10:43 am
Keep Cosmology at 1500 Hours Esther Lawson  9/26/22  1:20 pm
Do Not Reduce Hours Viktoria Ivanova  9/25/22  11:49 am
Reducing training hours Val Pennington  9/24/22  5:48 pm
Keep 1500 hours Maggie Marciniak  9/24/22  9:49 am
Separate Hair Stylist program Julie Garcia  9/22/22  5:54 pm
Cosmetology hours Shamecca Sawyer  9/22/22  3:09 pm
Do not lower the Cosmetology program Bonita Pines  9/22/22  2:43 pm
No Reduction in Hours for Cosmetology Training Fusions School of Cosmetology  9/22/22  12:27 pm
Cosmetology Training Hours Need To Remain At 1500 Sharpen Your Skillz Continuing Education And Salon LLC  9/22/22  8:57 am
Lower hours Sajer Guy  9/22/22  1:56 am
No change in Cosmetology hours Roman’s Hair Empire & Beauty Academy  9/21/22  10:03 pm
Cosmetology Hours Amanda Pickering  9/21/22  7:32 pm
Hours requirement for cosmetology Tabbitha Bowler  9/21/22  12:09 pm
Negative Vote Jodi Gist  9/20/22  7:38 pm
Vote No Kristina NeCollins  9/19/22  4:32 pm
Cosmetology Geraldine Burgess  9/19/22  11:48 am
Do not reduce hours Zachary Ramsey  9/18/22  10:54 pm
Cosmetology Hours Cian  9/18/22  4:13 pm
NOIRA Stephanie J Smith  9/14/22  8:44 pm
Change in cosmetology hours LaFarn Burton  9/12/22  2:29 pm

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