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Ranked Choice Voting [1 VAC 20 ‑ 100]
This chapter is exempt from the executive branch review process.
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Ranked Choice Voting Regulations and Ballot Standards
Proposed Stage   [exempt] - View the regulatory documents

CLOSED     Opened on 7/19/2021 and Ended on 8/9/2021

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RCV - A non-transparent and complicated voting system Christopher Ambrose  8/9/21  11:51 pm
Refined RCV regulations will be most helpful Michael Beer  8/9/21  5:38 pm
Reasons Against Ranked Choice Voting PAM D.  8/9/21  2:37 pm
Comments on Proposed Rulemaking on Ranked Choice Voting Regulations and Ballot Standards  Christopher Lamar, Campaign Legal Center  8/8/21  4:14 pm
Proposed Regulations demonstrate RCV confusion, complications, and lack of transparency Frank Leone, Member DPVA Voter Protection Council  8/7/21  3:53 pm
Much work remains to be done on these regulations James Nix  8/6/21  5:12 pm
RCV Regulations Matthew Scoble, Unite America  8/5/21  12:33 pm
Comments on Proposed Regulations for Ranked Choice Voting G. Michael Parsons, FairVote  8/5/21  9:46 am
Ranked Choice Voting, a misguided idea Jayant Reddy  8/4/21  1:32 pm
Ranked choice voting. A Solution in search of a problem. Leslie Byrne, former Member of Congress  8/3/21  5:30 pm
Ranked Choice Voting Regulation comment Grace White  8/3/21  9:58 am
Comments on Proposed Regulations for Ranked Choice Voting David O'Brien, RepresentUs  8/2/21  10:38 am
Proposed revisions of ranked-choice voting regulations Chris Hughes, Ranked Choice Voting Resource Center  7/30/21  3:25 pm
Ranked Choice Voting provides no value in general elections Izaak Bozof  7/29/21  10:47 am
Text revision suggestions Rupert Farley  7/28/21  10:08 pm
Ranked Voting Proposal Mary Alice Williams  7/28/21  3:00 pm
Should be limited to primaries Kenneth David Reid  7/19/21  10:42 pm
Rank choice voting William Bell  7/19/21  5:11 pm
Single Transferable Vote dave schutz  7/19/21  4:51 pm
I support RCV Alistair James Watson  7/19/21  2:22 pm
Ranked Choice Voting Lindsey  7/19/21  1:40 pm

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