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Amend current 6VAC15-40-770 to require that feminine hygiene items be provided to female inmates without charge
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CLOSED     Opened on 11/26/2018 and Ended on 12/26/2018

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Comment Title Commenter
Menstrual Equity should include tampons Catherine Gruber  12/26/18  11:40 am
Menstrual hygiene Phyllis Turk, CNM  12/23/18  12:28 pm
Menstrual Equality Sheeba Bruning  12/21/18  3:25 pm
100% Support for proposed changes David Roberts, MD  12/20/18  8:26 pm
100% support for 6VAC15-40-770. Provision of hygiene items Laura Nelson  12/20/18  8:00 pm
human dignity & public health imperative Sara Holtz, DrPH  12/20/18  3:34 pm
Menstrual Equality Her Padded Truth®?  12/20/18  2:15 pm
Support Dignity and Equity Rev. Pamela Philips  12/20/18  10:18 am
HB83 Terry Stevens  12/18/18  1:05 pm
HB83 Del Kaye Kory  12/15/18  3:21 pm
Menstrual Equity Debbie Rowe  12/13/18  4:56 pm
Free feminine hygiene products Rebekah Turk  12/13/18  12:00 pm
I support providing providing free feminine hygiene products to women in prison Matthew DeGrave  12/12/18  7:11 pm
Provide sanitary supplies to these women Michelle Jesse  12/12/18  11:39 am
I use about six super-absorptive tampons a month. Elizabeth Florek  12/12/18  11:30 am
Not accommodating the reasonable needs of prisoners is cruel. Paul MacDonald  12/12/18  10:53 am
American Atheists supports supplying women with sanitary products. Not doing so is discriminatory. Larry Mendoza, State Director: American Atheists  12/12/18  10:28 am
Sanitary Supplies for inmates Brooke Plotnick, concerned voter  12/12/18  1:27 am
Basic Human Decency Noah Rothenburger  12/10/18  8:40 pm
Meeting the Basic Human Needs of Inmates Catherine Read, BRAWS HB 83 Accountability Committee  12/9/18  10:12 pm
Recognition of basic human decency Seth Peters  12/6/18  2:04 pm
Proposed changes to legislation Bailey Villarreal  12/6/18  2:00 pm
This should be a no brainer. Kemp Barber, undergrad student at Virginia tech  12/6/18  12:42 pm
100% agree with this change Amanda Talbert RN  12/3/18  4:23 pm
support change in language of regulation re: feminine hygiene products J. Pixley Great Expectations Coach  12/3/18  11:36 am
A Valuable Change Nicolaus Tideman  12/2/18  7:49 pm
All Men Must Support This Too. Ted Parent, Ph.D., Virginia Tech  12/2/18  6:03 pm
Agency in menstrual hygiene Katherine Randall  12/2/18  6:00 pm
Menstrual supplies for female inmates Michelle Wilkins  12/2/18  5:32 pm
Provision of hygiene items Lyn Day  12/2/18  5:22 pm
Support for changes - Virginia should provide inmates menstrual products Thuja Jameson  12/2/18  1:23 pm
Menstrual Equality in Prisons Elizabeth Briggs  12/2/18  1:18 pm
in support of proposed changes to 6VAC15-40-770 Barbie Zabielski, MPH, New River Health District  12/1/18  1:50 pm
Menstral equity Susan Laume  12/1/18  11:39 am
Menstrual hygiene is dignity Katrin Patterson  11/27/18  9:18 pm
HB 83 Mike Beaty  11/26/18  3:46 pm
HB83 Revised Regulation - Menstrual Equity in VA Shaheen Khurana, Virginia Menstrual Equity Coalition (VMEC)  11/26/18  9:57 am

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