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Change in renewal schedule
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CLOSED     Opened on 8/6/2018 and Ended on 9/5/2018

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 Comment Title  Commenter
Two Years Renewal/ Same date Carmen A. Cote. DDS  9/5/18  10:02 am
Against Renewal Change Walter Saxon, Jr.  9/5/18  9:56 am
Why not a 2 year renewal? Ursula Klostermyer  9/4/18  5:09 pm
Change in renewal date Richard F Roadcap DDS  9/4/18  10:57 am
Support M Nazareth  8/25/18  2:17 pm
Against Jernice Giles,DDS  8/18/18  7:24 pm
License renewal by birth month Kim Mulvey  8/17/18  11:19 am
Against Dr. T  8/17/18  10:35 am
against Arlene G. USN  8/17/18  8:14 am
Against Dr. Z  8/17/18  7:55 am
against Becky C.  8/17/18  7:04 am
Against birth month. Noreen Leyden. RDH  8/17/18  6:54 am
Against Debra Dycus  8/16/18  9:53 pm
Support a birth-month biennial renewal schedule April M. Snyder  8/16/18  9:44 pm
2 Year Renewal H. Chegini DDS  8/16/18  8:14 pm
Renewal Christine Rodgers  8/16/18  7:51 pm
Against Birth Month Mariana Bruce RDH  8/16/18  7:51 pm
Renewal Christine Rodgers RDH Randazzo Dentistry  8/16/18  7:47 pm
Against Birth Month Eileen Tarulis, RDH BBA  8/16/18  7:30 pm
Against Bridgett Davis R.D.H.  8/16/18  7:15 pm
Renewal by birth month Karen Dunegan, DMD  8/8/18  6:28 pm
Birth Month Renewal-Against Matthew Stephens, DDS, Dental Associates  8/8/18  3:21 pm
2 Year renewal. Robert F. Morrison D.M.D.; Morrison Dental Group  8/8/18  9:50 am
Date of renewal E.A. Bernhard DMD  8/8/18  9:42 am

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