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Regulations Governing Prescribing of Opioids and Buprenorphine [18 VAC 85 ‑ 21]
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Comment Title Commenter
Exception for sickle-cell Yahmeshau Veney  1/25/18  6:40 pm
Emergency Guidelines for ER opioid prescribing TONI T BUMPASS  1/25/18  6:29 pm
Sickle cell Terrill Darling  1/25/18  6:17 pm
Sickle cell patients should have access to opioids to ease their episodes of pain . Yvette williams, Delicados Inc,  1/25/18  5:41 pm
Opioid Prescriptions Tarin Hampton, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.  1/22/18  7:32 pm
Support Patients With Sickle Cell Kimberly F. Johnson  1/22/18  12:56 pm
exception for sickle cell patients Mandy M. Atkinson, MD Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist at Carilion  1/22/18  11:45 am
Support of Sickle Cell Exception for Opiod Regulation Ronald Dews Jr  1/20/18  11:10 am
Medical Society of Virginia Comments Regarding 18 VAC 85 ? 21 Melina Davis-Martin, Medical Society of Virginia  1/18/18  12:02 pm
Opiod crisis. Sickle Cell Association of Central Virginia, Inc.  1/18/18  10:51 am
Opioid prescription guidelines Anthony Lofton  1/17/18  7:05 pm
Opiod guidelines for chronic pain Sitrena Woodson  1/17/18  1:55 pm
Pain Medication or Sickle Cell Patients Floence Neal Cooper Smith, Retired Director of The VASCAP,VCU/MCV  1/16/18  3:45 pm
I think patients like see with Sickle Cell should not be limited to pain meds Tracy Jon  1/13/18  1:29 pm
Testing Cost Brenda Crouch  12/3/17  6:16 pm
High cost of testing Susan melton  11/30/17  7:08 pm
Testing Sharon Fassold  11/30/17  1:46 pm
Urinalysis Debbie Peters  11/30/17  8:46 am
Urinalysis Costs Melissa Messick  11/29/17  8:34 pm

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