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Tattooing Regulations [18 VAC 41 ‑ 50]
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General Review 2017 | Tattoo and Body-Piercing
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CLOSED     Opened on 10/16/2017 and Ended on 11/15/2017

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 Comment Title  Commenter
Clarity, No Schools. John Campbell, Monkey Brainz Tattoo&Skate  11/15/17  10:50 pm
I make good money off of coverups. Jenna Stephens  11/15/17  9:55 pm
Request for adequate representation in the establishment of new regulations. david Zobel  11/14/17  11:18 pm
18 VAC 41-50-390 VAC 41-50-10 Jane Calloway  11/8/17  5:15 pm
NO to DOLI tattoo schools Abigail Bowen, Under The Sun Tattoo  11/4/17  12:50 pm
NO TO TATTOO SCHOOLS,focus on penalizing bootleggers J.W. Connelly Connelly's Professional Tattooing  11/3/17  3:10 pm
18 VAC 41-50 No to tattoo schools James Sellers, River City Tattoo  11/2/17  6:21 pm
Number of Experience Years to Be a Sponsor; also grandfathered licensure Tricia Atkinson  11/2/17  1:31 pm
Changing codes, without much explanation? Gabriel Cece studio evoLve tattoo  11/2/17  1:52 am
This is absurd! Tattoo artist and patrons of tattoo shops would never want this. Allison Peterson, Owner of AKP Studio,Licensed Cosmetologist  10/27/17  8:32 pm
No to this Sydney Comisky  10/27/17  5:50 pm
Works for you- not for us... Tim Forbus Acme Tattoo  10/27/17  3:37 pm
No to tattoo and piercing schools Christopher Morris, va lic #1241000124  10/26/17  4:10 pm
Absolutely not! Anna Ramirez  10/26/17  2:40 pm
Body piercing apprentice Julia Elliott  10/24/17  3:27 pm
18 VAC 41-50-290 Hours Norman Burton  10/24/17  3:20 pm
18 VAC 41-50, Tattooing Regulations LaFarn Burton  10/24/17  3:17 pm
weighbridge sanjay tomar / portable weighbridge  10/23/17  7:28 am
No schools Ben krist ricks tattoo  10/21/17  1:17 pm
No on tattoo and piercing schools Christopher Keener Great Southern Tattoo  10/20/17  6:39 pm
changes to the apprenticeship regulations Ren Marshok  10/20/17  4:49 pm
changes to the 18vac41-50 and 18vac41-60 Brandi rose Blue Horseshoe Tattoo  10/20/17  4:07 pm
Concur with my artist, Robert Knox Colleen Maitland, customer  10/19/17  10:24 pm
changes to DOLI Katie Schemmel, Artisan Body Piercing and Tattoo  10/19/17  1:20 pm
Tattoo and piercing schools Drew Manley Great Southern Tattoo Company  10/19/17  12:39 pm
No on schools for tattooing Susan-Jane Smith  10/19/17  12:39 pm
You can not make tattooing and piercing a school. Robert G Knox, Lucky 13 Tattoo and Piercing  10/19/17  11:23 am

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