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Requirement for jurisprudence examination
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CLOSED     Opened on 11/16/2015 and Ended on 12/16/2015

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Comment Title Commenter
opposition to proposed jurisprudence exam on a 3 year basis Charles P. Jewett DDS  12/16/15  11:59 pm
Oppose Law Exam for Renewing License Mark A. Crabtree, DDS, Past President Virginia Board of Dentistry and VDA  12/16/15  11:19 pm
Oppose dental jurisprudence examination for licensee renewa Samuel W. Galstan, DDS, MPH, MAGD  12/16/15  11:16 pm
Opposed to jurisprudence exam for dentists and hygienists every 3 years Dr. Benita Miller  12/16/15  11:07 pm
Regulations don't solve everything Walter E. Saxon, Jr. DDS  12/16/15  10:59 pm
Opposition to Jurisprudence Exam Sharone Ward  12/16/15  9:16 pm
I am opposed to the mandatory jurisprudence exam Harold J. Martinez, Commonwealth Endodontics  12/16/15  8:13 pm
Opposition to jurisprudence exam Anthony R Peluso  12/16/15  6:31 pm
Opposition to jurisprudence exam Anthony R Peluso  12/16/15  6:23 pm
Jurisprudence exam-opposed to this Jerry L. Posenau  12/16/15  1:57 pm
VA Jurisprudence Thomas Olivero  12/16/15  1:18 pm
Let's Work Together Dr Ted Sherwin, VDA Board of Directors  12/16/15  11:18 am
No to Jurisprudence Exam Ron Mamrick, Dentist  12/15/15  5:43 pm
Response to Jurisprudence exam David W Major, DDS  12/15/15  2:21 pm
Statistics don't match! Michael J. Link, D.D.S., Immediate Past President of the VDA  12/15/15  12:19 pm
Opposing jurisprudence exam Paige Downs, DMD  12/15/15  9:28 am
mandatory jurisprudence exam Rod Rogge, DDS  12/14/15  5:39 pm
Opposed to jurisprudence exam Katie Lee  12/14/15  2:11 pm
I oppose this regulation. I have been a licensed dental hygienist for over 30 years, renewing my lic Lynn Piland, RDH, Dr. Jef Londrey, DDS  12/14/15  1:30 pm
Jurisprudence Test Carolyn C. Herring, DMD  12/14/15  12:52 pm
opposed to any jurisprudence exam. David Circeo, DDS FAGD  12/14/15  10:57 am
Delegate opposes additional burdensome regulations Dr. Todd E. Pillion, D.D.S., Virginia House of Delegates  12/14/15  10:45 am
Opposition to the jurisprudence exam Zaid Al-Samir, DDS  12/14/15  9:57 am
Jurisprudence exam Kathryn Finley-Parker, D.D.S.  12/13/15  11:50 pm
oppose jurisprudence Rochelle Thompson  12/13/15  11:11 pm
Oppose jurisprudence exam Shari L Ball, DDS  12/13/15  11:04 pm
Oppose mandatory jurisprudence exam Steven J Barbieri,DDS  12/13/15  10:52 pm
I oppose this. If the VDA would keep us informed/up to date via emails we would not need this. Jennifer Mudd BS RDH  12/13/15  10:47 pm
I oppose Wendy Golbitz  12/13/15  6:19 pm
exam requirement Craig M. Scimeca, DDS, MAGD  12/13/15  6:13 pm
New regulations jody l yeargan dds pc  12/12/15  10:32 am
jurisprudence exam every 3 years ? Ted Blaney, DMD  12/12/15  9:20 am
Jurisprudence examination q 3 a Ursula Klostermyer DDS PhD  12/11/15  3:19 pm
Jurisprudence requirement Douglas L. Starns, DDS  12/11/15  1:27 pm
no to jurisprudence exam Robert D Kilgore, DMD  12/11/15  12:14 pm
Missing the point Robert Morrison DMD  12/11/15  11:05 am
Opposed to the Jurisprudence exam Cynthia Southern, DDS  12/11/15  9:21 am
Jurisprudence exam E. Davey King DDS  12/11/15  9:10 am
Jurisprudence legislation E. Thomas Elstner,JR. D.M.D.  12/11/15  8:14 am
jurisprudence exam every three years-no Russell Mosher,DDS  12/11/15  8:11 am
Unnecessary burden Rose Satterfield, DMD  12/11/15  5:39 am
Strongly oppose Steve goldstein  12/10/15  11:02 pm
Oppose...there are better ways to address "ignorance" of the BOD regulations Barry D. Laurent DDS  12/10/15  7:44 pm
Opposed to jurisprudence exam Louis Filippone DDS  12/10/15  5:10 pm
oppose the written online jurisprudence exam Sarah Dowdy, DDS  12/10/15  4:05 pm
opposed Amanda Oszust RDH  12/10/15  2:58 pm
opposed to the jurisprudence exam J Scott Duff III, DDS  12/10/15  2:02 pm
Opposition to Jurisprudence Exam Samantha Stanaway RDH  12/10/15  2:01 pm
opposed Dr. Brian C. Thompson  12/10/15  1:34 pm
Jurisprudence exam Roger A. Palmer, DDS  12/10/15  12:32 pm
Mandatory Jurisprudence exam Mitcehll Magid  12/10/15  12:08 pm
Jurisprudence exams Dr. Steven Hearne  12/10/15  10:17 am
Oppose Mandatory Test Matthew Caspersen, Rappahannock Valley Dental Society Executive Board  12/10/15  10:11 am
Oppose Law. Online education site Kenneth Stoner, DDS  12/10/15  9:22 am
Jurisprudence Exam Peter J Scelfo, DDS  12/10/15  9:21 am
Jurisprudence Re-examination Thomas J. Morris, D.D.S.  12/10/15  9:17 am
Totally Opposed- Needs a lot of Clarification Brad Spano  12/10/15  9:04 am
Opposition to more regulatory burdens Paul K.Hartmann, DDS  12/10/15  9:01 am
Jurisprudence exam every 3 years Ellen Oertel DDS, MS  12/10/15  8:52 am
Oppose Jurisprudence Exam Lucious Clemons  12/10/15  8:47 am
Strongly Oppose Jurisprudence Exam Patrick Holmes DDS, MSD  12/10/15  8:31 am
jurisprudence exam Lawrence S. Brannon DMD  12/10/15  6:52 am
Jurisprudence Exam Daniel B. LaGrua  12/10/15  6:06 am
Opposition to Jurisprudence Exam Harlan Hendricks, DDS  12/10/15  12:13 am
Jurisprudence Dr Barry Kurzer Virginia Dental Association  12/9/15  11:14 pm
Opposed to Jurisprudence Exam every 3 years Donna Chang  12/9/15  11:11 pm
Oppose the board's position on jurisprudence exam    12/9/15  10:15 pm
Another hoop Aaron Stump  12/9/15  10:09 pm
Jurisprudence test. Oppose any testing of jurisprudence. Provide Don W. Cherry  12/9/15  9:00 pm
Oppose proposal Robert Hull, DDS  12/9/15  8:29 pm
Oppose exam Christopher Davenport, DDS  12/9/15  7:58 pm
KISS principle Steven A LeBeau DDS, FAGD  12/9/15  7:51 pm
Strongly Opposed to Jurisprudence Exam every 3 years Douglas H. Mahn, DDS  12/9/15  6:22 pm
jurisprudence exam William Falls III DDS  12/9/15  5:41 pm
jurisprudence exam Clark Rogers  12/9/15  5:28 pm
Opposed to Jurisprudence testing q 3 years Nelson Herring, DDS  12/9/15  5:07 pm
Jurisprudence test Stephen P. Cicinato,DDS  12/9/15  4:51 pm
Jurisprudence exam Gloria E Ward, DDS, MS, MIS, PC.  12/9/15  4:25 pm
jurisprudence exam Melvin Cruser DDS  12/9/15  4:12 pm
Strongly oppose 3 year jurisprudence exam. Prefer status quo. Seems to work. Explain why the need James W. Adams DDs  12/9/15  4:10 pm
Opposition to propsed regulation Norman J. Marks, DDS  12/9/15  3:58 pm
Jurisprudence Exam Dr George A Jacobs  12/9/15  3:55 pm
Requirement for jurisprudence exam every 3 years Berkeley Pemberton, DDS  12/9/15  3:55 pm
Jurisprudence Exam Angel K. Ray, DDS, MS  12/9/15  3:48 pm
Object to 3year JP exam Sandra Hearne, DDS  12/9/15  3:28 pm
Jurisprudence Exam John W. King DDS  12/9/15  2:52 pm
juris prudence exam James F Londrey, DDS  12/9/15  2:48 pm
Jurisprudence Exam - Strongly oppose this pointless, make,work, jump through irrelevant hoop, waste Suzanne S. Williams, D.M.D  12/9/15  2:35 pm
I am opposed to this proposed regulation. William Morris, DDS  12/9/15  2:15 pm
Opposed to jurisprudence exam Matthew Stephens, D.D.S.  12/9/15  2:12 pm
Jurisprudence exam every three years. ANTHONY SAVAGE  12/9/15  1:57 pm
Jurisprudence Exam Nicholas Ilchyshyn, DDS  12/9/15  1:56 pm
Jurisprudence Exam Charanpreet Ashtakala  12/9/15  1:41 pm
Jurisprudence Willard K Lutz DDS  12/9/15  1:40 pm
Reexamination ridiculousness Dina Bambrey, DMD  12/9/15  1:39 pm
Why is more regulations always the answer? Dag Zapatero, DDS  12/9/15  1:37 pm
Proposed Jurisprudence Exam Every 3 years William Horbaly, DDS, MS, MDS  12/9/15  1:35 pm
Oppose jurisprudence exam every three years Dr. Mary Jean Sotack  12/9/15  1:34 pm
Opposed Jeffrey Day, DDS  12/9/15  1:27 pm
Oppose jurisprudence exam every 3 years Heather Zak-Ramsay DMD ,PC  12/9/15  1:27 pm
New Test a bad idea . Scott Lindemann,D.D.S.  12/9/15  1:26 pm
I oppose this regulation Gregory Lynam DDS  12/9/15  1:26 pm
BOD Jurisprudence Reexam Corydon Butler, Jr DDS  12/9/15  1:25 pm
Proposed jurisprudence exam every three years (objection) Edward Bernhart DDS  12/9/15  1:07 pm
I oppose the Jurisprudence Exam Randy Adams DDS  12/9/15  1:03 pm
Jumping on the pile Eliot Bird DDS  12/9/15  12:52 pm
Strongly Oppose Jessica Clark  12/9/15  12:50 pm
Opposed Carl M. Steger, DDS  12/9/15  12:48 pm
Proposed Jurisprudence exam every three years Augustus A. Petticolas, Jr., D.D.S.  12/9/15  12:45 pm
Jurisprudence exam Joshua Binder  12/9/15  12:41 pm
Jurisprudence exam Doug Overstreet  12/9/15  12:34 pm
Requirement of jurispruduce exam every 3 years Young Lim  12/9/15  12:28 pm
Objection Christian Tabor, Christian S. Tabor DMD, PC  12/9/15  12:26 pm
jurisprudence test T.E.Leinbach DDS  12/9/15  12:25 pm
Opposed Scott R. Miller, DDS  12/9/15  12:25 pm
Strongly oppose 3 Year Jurisprudence exam Mark Raymond, DMD, Coeburn Dentistry  12/9/15  12:18 pm
Opposed!!! Joanna Claustro DMD  12/9/15  12:16 pm
Jurisprudence exam James Glaser, DDS  12/9/15  12:16 pm
Jurisprudence exam Herschel L Jones D.D.S  12/9/15  12:16 pm
I am opposed to taking a jurisprudence exam every 3 years Jhia-Ming Chang, DDS  12/9/15  12:10 pm
I am opposed to taking a jurisprudence exam every 3 years Tina Lefta, DMD  12/9/15  12:04 pm
Oppose Jurisprudence examination Dr M. S. Denbar  12/9/15  12:02 pm
Jurisprudence opposition Donald F. Larson, DMD  12/9/15  11:58 am
Oppose Mandatory Jurisprudence Exam Russell Mullen, DDS  12/9/15  11:58 am
non sense exam. waste budget. Eunghwan Kim  12/9/15  11:56 am
Better communication, better results Sheila R. Field, DDS  12/9/15  11:54 am
Opposed to jurisprudence testing Wakeshi Benson  12/9/15  11:52 am
Jurisprudence exam Gustav Horsey, DDS, MS  12/9/15  11:52 am
Proposed requirement for jurisprudence exam every 3 years Dept of Dentistry, U. of Virginia Health System  12/9/15  11:51 am
Oppose mandatory exam Nick Lombardozzi  12/9/15  11:50 am
opposed to jurisprudence Q3 years Robert Y Cox, DDS  12/9/15  11:48 am
Oppose exam Marci Guthrie, DDS, James River Family Dentistry  12/9/15  11:45 am
JURISPRUDENCE EXAM Maribel M. Vann, DDS, PLLC  12/9/15  11:44 am
Jurisprudence Exam Every 3 Years Kimberlyn Atherton, DDS  12/9/15  11:42 am
Opposed to Requirement to pass JP exam James Willis, DDS; Burke Dental  12/9/15  11:42 am
unneeded regulation John Ashby  12/9/15  11:41 am
Strongly oppose exam Jennifer Lysenko Johannsen, DDS  12/9/15  11:40 am
Jurisprudence Dr. Thomas B Padgett  12/9/15  11:38 am
Juridprudence needs no further controls Hunter Bell, DDS  12/9/15  11:37 am
Proposed Jurisprudence Exam Requirement Fred N . Kessler, DDS  12/9/15  11:36 am
Juris prudence exam Dr C William Dabney  12/9/15  11:35 am
Jurisprudence examination is unneccessary and cumbersome Justin Baker, Fairfax Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery  12/9/15  11:34 am
Jurisprudence exam for Virginia Dentists Katryna Golian Dds  12/9/15  11:32 am
Opposed to Requirement to pass JP exam Barney E Selph, DDS  12/9/15  11:32 am
Jurisprudence exam Ken Grindlay  12/9/15  11:30 am
Strongly Oppose Juris Prudence Exam Every 3 years Jay K. White, DDS,  12/9/15  11:29 am
undue burden janine randazzo  12/9/15  11:29 am
jurisprudence exam robert campbell  12/9/15  11:23 am
In oppose this Jurisprudence test. Rebecca Reeves  12/9/15  10:59 am
No test-have information come from Board Faryl Hart  12/9/15  10:53 am
I oppose a manditory exam Cappy SInclair  12/8/15  1:58 pm
I strongly oppose a JP exam Ashley Holmes, DDS  12/8/15  12:42 pm
Jurisprudence exam Paul T. Olenyn DDS Ltd  12/7/15  1:49 pm
CE Elizabeth M Attreed  12/7/15  1:10 pm
CE over exam Patrice Harmon, DMD  12/7/15  9:25 am
Jurisprudence Exam objection Andrea Onderdonk  12/7/15  8:15 am
Exam R. Alan Hinkle  12/5/15  7:47 am
Opposed to JP Exam Jeena Devasia  12/4/15  11:26 am
Jurisprudence Exam Ralph L Howell, Jr., DDS  12/3/15  9:37 pm
Jurisprudence re exam every 3 years? Dr. Robert Allen  12/3/15  9:29 pm
Dental jurisprudence exam Stan Dameron DDS, member VDA, Member Rappahanock Valley Dental Society  12/3/15  6:43 pm
waste of resources Libbey Family Dentistry  12/3/15  5:13 pm
Oppose the Requirement for jurisprudence examination Carl O. Atkins, Jr., D.D.S.  12/3/15  4:57 pm
Strongly opposed to a mandatory test every 3 years. Gregory K. Kontopanos, D.D.S.  12/3/15  3:57 pm
paying for sins of the few once more danine fresch gray  12/3/15  3:07 pm
I prefer CE module to testing Karen Dunegan  12/3/15  3:03 pm
Examination Smile America  12/3/15  2:48 pm
OBJECTION Wesley  12/3/15  2:45 pm
Jurisprudence Exam Frank Iuorno, DDS, MS  12/3/15  12:45 pm
Objection Dr.Chand  12/3/15  12:29 pm
exam every three years virginia family dentistry  12/3/15  12:15 pm
I object Christine Marczak, RDH  12/3/15  11:49 am
Oppose Jurisprudence Exam Kelly Viau, Peak City Family Dentistry  12/3/15  11:39 am
Oppose Mandatory Jurisprudence Exam Renewal Jennifer M Dixon DDS  12/3/15  10:40 am
Opposing with suggestion/JP testing every 3 years to promote adherence Michael E. King, DDS Team Dental at River Oaks  12/3/15  10:31 am
Opposed mandatory jurisprudence exam. Carl Block  12/3/15  10:03 am
Oppose Jurisprudence test for license renewal/ There is a better way flavio w. nasr, dds, pc  12/3/15  10:01 am
Jurisprudence Examination Jennifer Mueller  12/3/15  9:45 am
3 yr test jesse r wall dds  12/3/15  9:38 am
I oppose Tricia Gurbel  12/3/15  9:06 am
blame poor BOD communication, not VA dentists Tyler Perkinson  12/2/15  9:53 pm
Requirement for Jurisprudence Examination Lanny R. Levenson, DDS Virginia Dental Association Board of Directors  12/2/15  2:08 pm
mandatory jurisprudence examination Richard F. Roadcap, DDS  12/1/15  8:22 pm
Examination Guy Levy, Private Practice  12/1/15  3:45 pm
Strongly opposed to a mandatory test every 3 years. Support an entry level test. Michael J. Link, Immediate Past President of the Virginia Dental Associatio  11/30/15  3:01 pm
Requirement for a Dental Jurisprudence Exam Richard Taliaferro, DDS President, Virginia Dental Association  11/29/15  7:43 pm
rather than one more test just to test-educate dentists on reprimands,fines, loss of license William"Vince" Dougherty, President Elect- Virginia Dental Association  11/29/15  5:34 pm
Laws affecting Denistry George J Lake DDS  11/21/15  4:30 pm
Regulation regarding jurisprudence examination Scott H Francis, DDS  11/18/15  8:20 pm
Exam for Renewals is unnecessary VaCora L. Rainey, DDS  11/18/15  1:05 pm
All paying for the sins of a few David Black, Virginia Dental Association Board  11/18/15  12:23 pm

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