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Regulations Governing the Licensure of Surgical Assistants and Registration of Surgical Technologists [18 VAC 85 ‑ 160]
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Initial regulations for registration
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CLOSED     Opened on 12/29/2014 and Ended on 1/28/2015

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Comment Title Commenter
Let ABSA go in Virginia Xueling Teng SA-C Inova health system  1/28/15  11:56 pm
Please allow ABSA to continue in VA Wengang Cao, Inova health system  1/28/15  11:45 pm
ABSA Pierre R Bruno,SA-C,MD  1/28/15  11:42 pm
Include ABSA Rina C Rivas SA-C  1/28/15  9:51 pm
Include the ABSA Nancy Lalande, Royal Academy of Surgical Assistants, Inc.  1/28/15  6:43 pm
ABSA! Essam Fawzy, SA-C, LSA  1/28/15  1:40 pm
ABSA Ilya Tikhonov  1/28/15  12:37 pm
Concern regarding ABSA not being recognized Marina Tikhonova S.A.-C.  1/28/15  12:34 pm
Support for Chapter 531 of the 2014 Acts of the Assembly Tina Putman CST, CRCST, Board Officer, Virginia Commonwealth Assn of STs  1/28/15  12:30 pm
ABSA should be added to the list of approved credentialing bodies for Virginia. Shannon W. Freyling, National Healthcare Training, LLC.  1/28/15  11:30 am
Support for Chapter 531 of the 2014 Acts of the Assembly Sandra K. Luthie,CST,FAST  1/28/15  10:20 am
Training Kyle Black, YEHSS  1/28/15  10:14 am
Surgical Assistant Evolution Jorge Ferrer LSA  1/28/15  9:58 am
Please Don't Exclude American Board of Surgical Assistants(ABSA) Elaine Viloria SA-C  1/28/15  9:13 am
Support for Surgical Technologist and Surgical Assisting Regulations Roy Zacharias, CST, FAST, President, Association of Surgical Technologists  1/28/15  8:29 am
Kindly allow recognition of SA-C credential Hufriya Aderianwalla, M.D., SA-C  1/27/15  11:34 pm
Virginia Commonwealth State Assembly of Surgical Technologists Supports Registration and Education Frances A. Dargan M. Ed. CST, CSFA, President VCSA-AST  1/27/15  9:32 pm
Request Approval and Reorganization of ABSA oscar flores CSA/SA-C  1/27/15  8:44 pm
Why exclude ABSA, a widely recognized and respected certifying agency Dan Bump, ACE Surgical Assisting, Inc.  1/27/15  7:42 pm
SA-C Should be accepted in Virginia Keith Bump, ACE Surgical Assisting  1/27/15  7:15 pm
requesting approval and recognization of ABSA. Nora Flores/ School for Allied Health Professionals  1/27/15  7:05 pm
the inclusion of ABSA/SA-C as a valid credential for Surgical Assistants in VA James C. Bell Jr. CST,CSFA,SA-C  1/27/15  7:00 pm
In favor of ABSA Eugene Donchev, M.D.  1/27/15  6:37 pm
ABSA is essential in supporting perfected surgery in the operating room. riadh alqassab  1/27/15  1:16 pm
Concerning proposal not to recognize the American Board of Surgical Assistants Ibrahim Elfadil, American Board of Surgical Assistants  1/26/15  11:24 am
ABSA Antranik Kosyan SA-C MD  1/25/15  8:39 pm
American Board of Surgical Assistants (ABSA) certified surgical assistants (SA-C's) Paul F Weeks, MD, Founder & CEO, American Board of Surgical Assistants  1/25/15  5:37 pm
ABSA Inclusion Abdullahi Mohamud, MBBS, Jackson Surgical Assistants  1/25/15  5:09 pm
Virginia Regulatory Town Hall “Public Comment Forum”. Regulation for Surgical Assistans Boris Feldman, SA-C  1/23/15  9:25 pm
ABSA should be recognized Yonas Raru  1/23/15  12:45 pm
28 Years of excellence to the surgical community ABSA IGNORED Boris Fernandez  1/22/15  8:42 pm
ABSA , SA-C neglected Duo LI, Inova Healthy System  1/22/15  6:46 pm
Surgical Assistant Credentials Mary Valentine, LSA Key Access Institute, LLC  1/21/15  8:45 pm
Support for Surgical Assistant Regulations Dennis Stover, President, Association of Surgical Assistants  1/21/15  1:42 pm
ABSA omitted Jorge Ferrer LSA  1/18/15  9:30 am
Support State Regulations Stephanie Bullock, EVMS Student, MSA2016 Class Representative  1/17/15  11:06 pm
Virginia Surgical Assistant Registration Kevin Edwards CSA  1/8/15  10:04 am
who decides what Albert Bowden  1/7/15  4:20 am
Registering Surgical Assistants National Surgical Assistant Association  1/6/15  9:16 pm
Regulations Governing the Registration of Surgical Assistants and Surgical Technologists Deborah Ivory, Pres. The Virginia Association of Surgical Assistants  1/6/15  4:24 pm

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