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Regulations Governing the Licensure of Radiologic Technology [18 VAC 85 ‑ 101]
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Licensure of radiologist assistants
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CLOSED     Opened on 12/6/2010 and Ended on 2/4/2011

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Comment Title Commenter
oppose Noma Van RTR  2/4/11  5:48 pm
Strongly Support Legislation As Written Travis L. Alger RRA RT(R)(CT)  2/4/11  4:38 pm
Support for Liscensure as written Michael T. Coleman RPA RRA RT(R)  2/4/11  4:21 pm
Oppose Legistration Stacy Jones  2/3/11  7:39 pm
Support State License, just change wording David Pyle RPA/RA  2/3/11  8:51 am
Radiologist Assistant's Licensure - Strongly Support Mary Ann Turner, MD - Radilogy Dept - VCU/MCV  2/2/11  11:17 am
Proposed Radiologist Assistant licensure regulations Karsten F. Konerding, M.D., Commonwealth Radiology, P.C.  2/1/11  1:39 pm
Support for Radiologist Assistant Licensure Gerry Reece, M.D.  1/31/11  8:02 am
What is best for patients? Oppose RA legislation A. John Kuta MD  1/30/11  1:50 pm
For RA licensure David May MD  1/30/11  9:14 am
support RA licensure regulations Richard Szucs, MD American College of Radiology  1/29/11  5:04 pm
Request for amendment to include Qualified Radiologist Assistant Radiology Practitioner Assistant Society  1/29/11  12:07 pm
Oppose the Bill Ashley Francisco, MA  1/12/11  1:22 pm
I oppose this regulation. Lynn Smith  1/10/11  8:06 pm
oppose this bill cindy gibbs rn cnor  1/10/11  6:35 pm
Do you concur? RSF  1/8/11  8:27 pm
I oppose this bill Kimberly Smith RT R  1/5/11  9:57 pm
Oppose RA Legislation Michelle Charlton RT (R)  1/5/11  9:55 pm
I oppose this legislation Monica Bailey RTR  1/5/11  8:46 pm
I oppose the RA legislation Carolyn T. Pabustan, RN, BSN  1/5/11  4:26 pm
Opposition of legislation Honesto F Visque III RT(R)(CT)  1/4/11  8:23 am
I Oppose Michell M Holtzscheiter (RTR)(CT)  1/4/11  8:21 am
opposition to RA legislation Jeff LaPole  1/3/11  3:25 pm
Opposition to current Regulations Rick Sharp R.T. (R) RRA, RPA  1/3/11  9:00 am
Licensure of radiologist assistants Sue Midgett  1/1/11  10:11 am
Opposition to RA Legislation Bill Bobrich R.T. (R)  1/1/11  10:03 am
I opposed this bill Angela Brannock RTR  12/31/10  3:34 pm
Oppose RA proposed regulation that does not include RPA Everette Williams RPA,RA RT(R) Society of Radiology Physician Extenders  12/31/10  3:08 pm
I opppose the bill as it is written. Benjamin Orciga, CNMT, R.T.(R)  12/31/10  1:18 pm
Opposition to the draft regulation as written Lynnese Bland  12/30/10  10:48 pm
i oppose this regulatory bruce marancik rtr  12/30/10  5:06 pm
I oppose Dawn R White RTR  12/30/10  4:59 pm
Oppose Licensure of RA Toya Wynn  12/29/10  10:01 pm
Oppose legislation Yvonne Briody (RT) (CT)  12/29/10  8:31 pm
RA legislation oppose Nikki Casteel RT(R)  12/29/10  8:18 pm
opposition to the RA regulation Kris Andre', CST  12/29/10  8:10 pm
RA Regulation oppose Fely Caccam RN  12/29/10  8:05 pm
RA Legislation Rob Tweed R.T.(R), NREMT-P,Tactical Medic-High Threat Operarions Iraq  12/29/10  6:45 pm
Oppose RA legislation without inclusion of RPA Scott Malinowski BSRT(R)(CV) RPA  12/23/10  7:42 pm
Oppose the proposed regulations Jason Barrett RRA/RPA, Society of Radiology Physician Extenders, Inc.  12/22/10  1:08 pm
Radiology Assistant Lorie Kappeler, Inova Health Systems  12/21/10  8:19 am
RA legislation support Lucky J. Freitas R.T.(R)  12/20/10  6:21 pm
Support Radiologist Assistant Legislation! Rebecca Keith, MS, RT(R)(CT), VSRT  12/13/10  11:20 am
RA Licensure support Nick Gimmi, Inova Mount Vernon Hospital, Clinical Coord, VSRT Leg.affairs  12/13/10  10:43 am
Radiologist Assistant Travis Prowant RT(R)(CV)(CT)  12/11/10  12:31 pm
support for radiologist assistant licensure Jeffrey Legg, Virginia Commonwealth University  12/10/10  9:46 am

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