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Elderly or Disabled with Consumer Direction Waiver Updates
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CLOSED     Opened on 10/8/2012 and Ended on 12/7/2012

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Comment Title Commenter
EDCD regulations - Consumer  12/7/12  9:35 pm
EDCD Regulations Interested Party  12/7/12  9:12 pm
EDCD Regulations Interested  12/7/12  8:50 pm
proposed regulation that requires that providers obtain a professional reference Care Advantage Inc  12/7/12  5:57 pm
DMAS Regulatory Proposed Changes Kali, Care Advantage  12/7/12  5:52 pm
Proposed DMAS changes April Tate, Care Advantage, Inc.  12/7/12  5:34 pm
DMAS Regulation Changes Ryan Shilling, Care Advantage  12/7/12  4:59 pm
Regulations Sarah , Care Advantage  12/7/12  4:43 pm
Proposed Medicaid Regulations Care advantage  12/7/12  4:39 pm
Proposed regulations for the EDCD Waiver Sheri Lutz, AmeriCare Plus  12/7/12  4:20 pm
Proposed Regulations ECDC waiver Karman McCray, Care Advantage, Inc.  12/7/12  3:54 pm
Waiver Services Care Advantage  12/7/12  3:39 pm
Proposed Waiver Services Changes Athena Baker, Ameri Care Plus  12/7/12  2:34 pm
proposed regulations for waiver services Kelly Fischer, AmeriCare Plus  12/7/12  2:14 pm
proposed waiver services changes Baniki Bolden, AmeriCare Plus  12/7/12  2:09 pm
ECDC waiver Donna Wilmoth, ARH  12/7/12  2:08 pm
ECDC waiver Zina Tanner, ARH  12/7/12  2:07 pm
ECDC waiver Kristin Trask Americare Plus  12/7/12  2:06 pm
Proposed regulations for ECDC waiver Tracy Winegar - AmeriCare Plus  12/7/12  1:54 pm
ECDC waiver Donna Thomas, AmeriCare Plus  12/7/12  1:50 pm
Comments Anonymous (24615)  12/7/12  1:27 pm
EDCD Waiver 12VAC30-120-945 Gail Stathers, Home Helpers  12/7/12  1:08 pm
proposed regulations for the ECDC waver Sheri Pintzow, Americare Plus  12/7/12  1:06 pm
Please consider Interested Party  12/7/12  12:52 pm
EDCD Waiver Comments Heidi Lawyer, Virginia Board for People with Disabilities  12/7/12  12:22 pm
EDCD Waiver comment Maureen Hollowell, Virginia Association of Centers for Independent Living  12/7/12  12:10 pm
Proposed regulations for the ECDC waiver Justina Reese, Americare Plus  12/7/12  11:32 am
proposed regulations for the ECDC waver Shelby Smith, AmeriCare Plus  12/7/12  11:18 am
Proposed DMAS Regulation Changes Bill Hurt, AmeriCare Plus  12/7/12  10:57 am
DMAS Proposed Changes Chelsey Ammons, Care Advantage  12/7/12  9:41 am
Proposed Waiver Service Regulations Donnie Pennington, KePRO  12/6/12  2:03 pm
comments purposed policy changes r/t personal care care Advantage  12/6/12  12:53 pm
Why is assisted living not included for waiver services in Virginia Frankie Minor Chestnut Grove Assisted Living Dryden VA.  12/5/12  9:29 pm
proposed regulations for the ECDC waver Bonnie Gordon, The Virginia Association of Personal Care Providers  12/5/12  8:24 am
Regulatory comments Marcia Tetterton, Virginia Association for Home Care and Hospice  11/27/12  12:18 pm
Electronic medical records Personal Touch Home Care  11/12/12  9:55 pm

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