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Lower Cosmetology Training to 1,000 Hours
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CLOSED     Opened on 6/3/2024 and Ended on 7/3/2024

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Comment Title Commenter
Protecting the Integrity of Cosmetology Education John McCown - Paul Mitchell the School  7/2/24  5:22 pm
Preserve the integrity of the cosmetology profession **Niecy**@Lemonlayed**  6/30/24  2:16 pm
Reduction of hours Rudy and Kelly Student  6/29/24  11:12 am
Reduction of hours for cosmetology is a recipe for disaster Debbie Smith  6/29/24  7:06 am
Disagreeing Previous student  6/29/24  6:41 am
Reduction Of Hours Will Only Hinder Future Stylist Student- Rudy and Kelly Academy  6/28/24  11:57 am
Cosmetology is not Esthetics! Concerned Cosmetology Student  6/28/24  10:39 am
1,000 hours will not prepare stylists to be remotely salon ready Student  6/28/24  10:18 am
Cosmetology Hours Reduction Student at Rudy and Kelly Academy VB  6/28/24  10:18 am
Opposing reduction of hours Madison Brown, Rudy and Kelly Student  6/28/24  10:18 am
Cosmetology Makayla Polinice  6/28/24  9:52 am
Oppose reduction of hours Rudy and Kelly student  6/27/24  4:05 pm
Oppose reduction of required licensing hours for cosmotologists Elizabeth Darling, Darling and Dapper Studio LLC  6/27/24  2:44 pm
Cosmetology hour reduction Kendall  6/27/24  2:26 pm
Hour Reduction and Curriculum Additions Nikki Coleman  6/27/24  2:14 pm
Cosmetology Hour Reduction and Curricular Change Haley Blyler  6/27/24  1:40 pm
Reduced Hours/ Curriculum Change Ly-Ly  6/27/24  12:27 pm
Reduction hours a MUST Anonymous (226091)  6/27/24  11:14 am
Reduction in Cosmetology Hours Terri Howell  6/27/24  11:07 am
Reduction of hours Rachel Costanza  6/27/24  9:18 am
Hour reduction Elizabeth Callejas  6/26/24  9:45 pm
cosmo hours Irene Cesario  6/26/24  8:55 pm
Training Hours Reduction Kristy Eckert  6/26/24  8:22 pm
Training Hours Lauren Mundy  6/26/24  8:16 pm
Hours Nadine Rapanick  6/26/24  7:03 pm
Reduction of hours Rudy and Kelly student  6/26/24  5:40 pm
Curriculum Reduction of Hours Bryant Murphy  6/26/24  4:53 pm
Changes to curriculum of cosmetology students Krysta Parkins, Student at Rudy and Kelly Acadamy a Paul Mitchel Partner Sc  6/26/24  3:21 pm
Cosmetology Hours reduction Courtney Perry Carver  6/26/24  3:00 pm
1000 hours is not enough time!/Cosmetologists are hairstylists. Lee Carver, Rudy and Kelly Academy-a Paul Mitchell partner school  6/26/24  2:46 pm
Disastrous for the future of the Salon Industry and for future Hairstylists Kristen Kent  6/26/24  12:30 pm
Opposed to the Reduction of Cosmetology Hours Christina Stocks  6/20/24  4:07 pm
Reduction of Cosmetology Hours Staunton School of Cosmetology  6/8/24  10:29 am

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