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Regulations Governing the Practice of Assisted Living Facility Administrators [18 VAC 95 ‑ 30]
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Public Petition for Rulemaking: Request for alteration of limitation on bed capacity for ALF AIT programs or internships

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CLOSED     Opened on 3/11/2024 and Ended on 4/10/2024

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Comment Title Commenter
Reconsideration of AIT Program Regulations Marco Ferrario  4/10/24  11:05 am
Support of Petition Junana  4/9/24  4:13 pm
Full Support of Petition Georgia Weiss, President & Winsome Hartley, Vice President-Avalon House  4/8/24  3:52 pm
I support Allen Wong  4/4/24  8:39 pm
I support. Anonymous (222485)  4/4/24  2:34 pm
Training for Group Homes Diane Hendel, NP-C, Arlington Eldercare, LLC  4/4/24  7:54 am
I am in support for the amendment to regulation 18VAC95-30-170-B-4. Herbert Burgart  4/3/24  2:22 pm
I support this amendment! Heather Suri, Pathways in Aging  4/3/24  11:42 am
Support Sandy O'Bannon  4/3/24  11:39 am
I support this petition! Katy Irene St Marie  4/3/24  11:23 am
In support of this petition Andrea Rehm de Cocito  4/2/24  11:32 am
In support of this petition action Vienna Manor Assisted Living  4/2/24  2:23 am
Please consider updating this standard to include small ALF providers! Jessica Peters, Insight Memory Care Center  4/1/24  2:46 pm
I support this petition. Erica Sadiq, Goodwin Living  4/1/24  2:33 pm
I support this petition. Eileen Spinella  4/1/24  1:00 pm
Support for ammendment to regulatio 18VAC95-30-170-B-4 Colleen Duewel, LionHeart Eldercare  4/1/24  12:59 pm
Appeal against the Current Administrator AIT Training Facility Standard Christine Vincent  3/30/24  5:53 pm
I Support This Petition Carrie Jackson - Spring Oak Senior Living  3/30/24  1:33 pm
In support of amending regulation 18VAC95-30-170-B-4 Mary Forde  3/27/24  10:38 pm
amendment to regulation 18VAC95-30-170-B-4, Peggy Breda, A Family Tie  3/27/24  1:11 pm
Support for 18VAC95-30-170-B-4 Nancy Hansbrough  3/27/24  12:14 pm
Updating Administrator in Training (AIT) Program Steve Gurney - Positive Aging Community  3/27/24  11:36 am
Small Business is the backbone of our society, Small care facilities are optimal for Elderly Josiah Hunter  3/27/24  11:29 am
Small Facilities are a Unique and Valuable Training Environment For Administrators in Training Lori Larson, Larmax Homes  3/24/24  9:49 am
In Support of Petition Evermore Senior Living  3/23/24  7:10 pm
Please Amend 18VAC95-30-170-B-4 To include small providers Karen McPhail  3/21/24  8:09 am
AIT training facilities Heather Warr  3/19/24  6:15 pm
I support petition as written Susan Williams  3/19/24  10:27 am
supporting this amendment Greenbrier assisted living  3/18/24  9:13 pm
In Support of Using smaller homes Gloria Oni  3/18/24  6:50 pm
In Support of Petition S. Benjamin  3/18/24  3:14 pm
Support smaller ALFs serving as training facilities Judy Hackler, Virginia Assisted Living Association (VALA)  3/15/24  7:06 pm
Support Kayla Bryce  3/14/24  11:11 am
In Support of Petition Warren Williams- Avalon Assisted Living  3/13/24  1:13 pm
In Support of Petition Irvin Land Jr  3/12/24  10:28 pm
In Full Support of Petition Maxine Austin- Avalon House  3/12/24  2:35 pm
I Support This Petition Moyah Moody-Avalon Assisted Living  3/12/24  10:22 am
18VAC95-30-170-B-4 Must Be Amended Fannie Halton- Paragon Assisted Living  3/11/24  3:53 pm
The Current 18VAC95-30-170-B-4 Regulation Discriminates Against Small Providers Sharon Woolery  3/11/24  12:12 pm
Please Amend 18VAC95-30-170-B-4 to Include Small Providers Clauditte Graham  3/11/24  10:50 am

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