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Public Petition for Rulemaking: Amend requirements for a dental assistant II

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CLOSED     Opened on 12/7/2020 and Ended on 12/31/2020

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Comment Title Commenter
Opposed DA II David Minoza Jr, Reynolds Community College  12/31/20  6:57 pm
opposed to Amendment Neil Turnage DDS  12/31/20  6:06 pm
Opposed to DAII OJT Bonnie Turnage BA CDA, Reynolds Community College Dental Assisting program  12/31/20  6:05 pm
Reservations of Suggested Pathway for DAII Anonymous (87908)  12/31/20  2:38 pm
Information About DANB's CRFDA Certification Katherine Landsberg, Dental Assisting National Board, Inc.  12/31/20  12:15 pm
Opposed Anonymous (87906)  12/31/20  9:04 am
Opposed Sarah Holland, Virginia Health Catalyst  12/31/20  8:52 am
Opposed to DAII OJT Marlene Rhodes CDA, BSDH, RDH  12/30/20  11:27 pm
Against Petition Raul Mollinedo Vargas  12/28/20  10:22 pm
Strongly Opposed Summer M Woodard, CDA/Team Leader at Powell Valley Dental  12/28/20  12:26 pm
Against petition Ivan Rakela  12/27/20  10:45 pm
Against petition Karim Gutierrez  12/27/20  10:22 pm
Opposed to petition. Bonnie Blankenship  12/23/20  7:28 pm
Opposed Bryan Richards  12/23/20  5:13 pm
Oppose Pam Blankenship  12/23/20  4:30 pm
Opposed Charles Herman  12/22/20  9:36 pm
Against Bernice Huttanus  12/22/20  9:22 pm
DAIIs should have higher education training Frank Fisher  12/22/20  8:46 pm
Opposed to OJT DAIIs in VA Michelle Fisher  12/22/20  8:36 pm
Against Petition for on the job training Marlana Thomas  12/22/20  7:13 pm
Amending DA II regulations Germanna Community College  12/22/20  2:50 pm
DAII training requirements Jeannie Lipscomb  12/21/20  8:32 pm
In Favor Brian  12/14/20  2:27 pm
ammend requirements for DAII Anonymous (87800)  12/12/20  7:59 pm
Regulationg Governing the Practice of Dental Assistants jesse r wall dds  12/11/20  10:34 am
More Explanation In Favor Carmen Chilton  12/11/20  9:07 am
In Favor Dental Assistant  12/10/20  7:54 pm
In Favor of Petition Aaliyah Jones / ECPI University  12/9/20  3:30 pm
Approve But Have Concerns. VNJ  12/9/20  3:25 pm
My Thoughts Arnela Hodzic / ECPI  12/9/20  3:22 pm
DAII Anonymous (87706)  12/8/20  1:43 pm
In favor for petition Melissa Wray, RDH  12/7/20  9:35 pm
In favor of Petition Lawrence A. Hayes DDS PLLC  12/7/20  2:30 pm
Against DAII on the job training Tammy Swecker  12/7/20  9:24 am
in favor of modification Jason W Dulac, DDS, PLLC  12/7/20  7:36 am
Certified Dental Assistant ll A. Wilson  12/7/20  7:15 am

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