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Public Petition for Rulemaking: Ability for residents in counseling to directly bill for services

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red dot In Progress!     Opened on 9/30/2019 and closes at 11:59pm on 10/25/2019

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 Comment Title  Commenter
In favor of allowing this for residents Christopher David Clotez, Resident in Marriage and Family Therapy/Counselin  10/13/19  7:11 pm
In Favor Carmen Greiner, Lighthouse Counseling of Fredericksburg  10/13/19  2:24 pm
NOT in favor Catherine A Love  10/13/19  10:57 am
Allowing residents to collect fees before licensure Catherine A Love, LPC/LMFT  10/13/19  10:55 am
Residents Accepting Direct Payment from Clients Loretta Schulz  10/13/19  10:52 am
Not in favor Joanne M Moore LPC, BCETS, CCH, Clinical Supervisor  10/13/19  9:35 am
Not in Favor Lourie Reichenberg, LPC  10/13/19  8:57 am
Reimbursement for services rendered by residents Jill A. Hagen, LPC  10/13/19  8:24 am
Not in favor Angela Montgomery, LPC  10/13/19  7:53 am
In Favor Danielle McDowell, Resident in Counseling  10/13/19  7:49 am
In favor of residents accepting payment and billing directly. lawrence uman  10/13/19  7:46 am
In favor LaTrease L. Nwosu  10/12/19  11:57 pm
In favor of Residents accepting payment Torre Boyd  10/12/19  10:05 pm
In favor or residents accepting payment Natasha Sharpe, Resident in Counseling  10/12/19  6:08 pm
That makes so much sense!! In support of the petition! Natasha Yilmaz, Resident in Counseling  10/12/19  4:00 pm
DEFINITELY IN FAVOR of residents taking payments directly from clients! Anne Beverly Chow, Bluebird Counseling Center  10/12/19  2:24 pm
I am in favor of allowing licensed residents to bill insurance. JackMallery  10/11/19  4:15 pm
Not in favor Lynn Banez  10/11/19  1:20 pm
NOT in favor of this petition. Suzan Thompson, PhD, LPC  10/10/19  6:51 pm
To amend 18VAC115-20-52 to eliminate the restriction on residents' ability to directly bill for thei Olivia Withers, Professional Psychological Services  10/10/19  6:46 pm
In favor of allowing residents in counseling to direct bill Amanda Moseley  10/10/19  5:59 pm
In favor Pearl Breeden, BS, CSAC, graduate 3/20, MS in Clinical MH counseling  10/10/19  5:39 pm
In favor of residents in counseling directly accepting payment Crystal Hamling, Resident in Counseling, NCC, CCMHC  10/10/19  5:15 pm
In Favor of Billing by Residents Rebecca Hogg, LPC  10/9/19  12:41 pm
In FAVOR of residents in counseling accepting direct payments Taqwa Abdallah, Resident in Counseling  10/8/19  2:37 pm
In favor of removing restriction on residents directly accepting payment Megan MacCutcheon, LPC  10/8/19  8:51 am
IN FAVOR of residents in counseling accepting direct payments Deborah Vara, Resident-In-Counseling  10/5/19  11:24 am
IN FAVOR of allowing Residents in Counseling to directly accept client payments Michelle Cantrell, LPC  10/4/19  6:33 pm
ABSOLUTELY IN FAVOR of allowing Residents in Counseling to directly accept client payments Sharon Watson, LPC, LMFT, LSATP, NCC, ACS  10/4/19  1:16 pm

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