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Public Petition for Rulemaking: Posting of DEA registration number

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CLOSED     Opened on 7/11/2016 and Ended on 8/10/2016

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Comment Title Commenter
DEA postings Dr. Steven A. Carroll  8/10/16  7:03 pm
Displaying DEA Lisc Numbers David T. Marshall, DDS  8/10/16  11:40 am
Posting of DEA registration Jeffrey R. Bek, DDS  8/10/16  9:10 am
DEA posting Robert Feild, Feild Dentistery a division of atlantic dental care PLC  8/10/16  5:57 am
Remove requirement to post DEA number Richard A. Arnaudin  8/9/16  10:26 pm
DEA posting requirement Dwight Bradshaw, DDS  8/9/16  10:08 pm
posting DEA licence Les Richmond  8/9/16  9:56 pm
Public Display of DEA Number Michael Hutchings, DDS  8/9/16  2:43 pm
Remove requirment to post DEA license. Hosek Dentistry  8/9/16  2:33 pm
7576506534 barclay weisberg  8/9/16  1:01 pm
Please remove DEA posting requirement Gregory Engel  8/7/16  10:02 am
Posting DEA license Cynthia Southern, DDS  8/5/16  10:26 am
Posting the DEA number in our offices Carmen A. Cote, DDS  8/2/16  3:37 pm
DEA license Steven Forte D.D.S.  7/26/16  1:08 pm
No need to post registration Allen A. Zarrinfar  7/22/16  12:52 pm
DEA License Display Erika C Mason DDS  7/22/16  10:03 am
DEA license posting Kirk M. Norbo, D.M.D.  7/21/16  5:30 pm
Eliminate requirement to publicly post copy of DEA registration Benita Miller, D.D.S.  7/21/16  1:53 am
DEA License posting Michael Gazori, DDS  7/19/16  4:29 pm
DEA available to the public Mary Ann Choby DMD  7/19/16  11:10 am
DEA license posting Dr. Neelam Dube  7/19/16  10:55 am
One step further Les Davenport  7/18/16  10:35 pm
7573337444 Rod Rogge  7/18/16  1:34 pm
5408860531 Carolyn C Herring  7/18/16  1:05 pm
DEA License Posting Requirement Harlan Hendricks, DDS  7/18/16  10:10 am
DEA license flavio nasr  7/18/16  9:39 am
DEA Posting Guy Levy  7/18/16  9:01 am
no need to post DEA drug license Vince Dougherty  7/17/16  8:17 pm
Posting of DEA Certificate Richard L Taliaferro, DDS, President , Virginia Dental Association  7/17/16  8:02 pm
Posting of DEA Regestration Fred N. Kessler, DDS  7/17/16  7:28 pm
DEA posting requirement Katie Lee, DDS  7/17/16  3:46 pm
Posting of DEA number Marshall Bonnie  7/17/16  3:19 pm
Posting DEA license Henry Botuck, DDS  7/16/16  4:50 pm
Posting DEA Permit David Black, VDA Board of Directors, Piedmont Component  7/16/16  11:20 am
Eliminate DEA posting Dr. Don Cherry  7/16/16  9:19 am
DEA License Protection Sheila R Field  7/16/16  7:33 am
posting is dangerous Kenneth Stoner  7/16/16  6:37 am
Remove the requirement for posting our DEA license Atkins, Maestrello, Miller ans Associates  7/15/16  9:17 pm
Let's enact the rule change for our DEA licenses! Dina Bambrey, D.M.D.  7/15/16  5:54 pm
A Prudent Rule Change Robert Morrison DMD, Morrison Dental Group  7/15/16  4:12 pm
Posting DEA certificate Tony M Chehade DDS  7/15/16  4:03 pm
posting a copy of a dentist's registration issued by the DEA michael fabio  7/15/16  3:43 pm
Dea posting William B Perkinson III  7/15/16  3:06 pm
DEA license display Thomas S Cooke. DDS  7/15/16  1:37 pm
Support removal of DEA posting req. Daniel G Stockburger, DDS  7/15/16  1:31 pm
Removing DEA & Va prescribing certificate from office display John W Pash DDS. ADA. VDA. NVDS  7/15/16  1:14 pm
I support removing the posting requirement Jason Dulac DDS, railroad dental associates  7/15/16  12:59 pm
DEA certification posting requirement Mark Huie DDS, MS  7/15/16  12:46 pm
DEA Registration Posting Requirement Dr B Robert Meer, Elden Family Dental  7/15/16  12:40 pm
Posting DEA # Deletion Ralph J Rutledge Jr DDS  7/15/16  12:40 pm
Remove req to display DEA license Dr. Austin Westover  7/15/16  12:33 pm
DEA Certificate Posting Barrett W. R. Peters, DDS, MSD  7/15/16  12:31 pm
Stop Making us Post DEA Info James Willis, DDS  7/15/16  12:16 pm
Why make it easier for addicts to gain access to our DEA numbers? Dag Zapatero, DDS  7/15/16  12:16 pm
Eliminate requirement to publicly post DEA license Heath Cash, D.D.S.  7/15/16  12:07 pm
Posting my DEA in a public place makes it easy for those seeking opioids to forge prescriptions. Kimberlyn R. Atherton, DDS  7/15/16  11:54 am

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