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Regulations Governing the Practice of Licensed Midwives [18 VAC 85 ‑ 130]
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On this Periodic Review

Review Announcement

Pursuant to Executive Order 14 (as amended July 16, 2018) and §§ 2.2-4007.1 and 2.2-4017 of the Code of Virginia, this regulation is undergoing a periodic review.

The review of this regulation will be guided by the principles in Executive Order 14 (as amended July 16, 2018). http://TownHall.Virginia.Gov/EO-14.pdf.

The purpose of this review is to determine whether this regulation should be repealed, amended, or retained in its current form. Public comment is sought on the review of any issue relating to this regulation, including whether the regulation (i) is necessary for the protection of public health, safety, and welfare or for the economical performance of important governmental functions; (ii) minimizes the economic impact on small businesses in a manner consistent with the stated objectives of applicable law; and (iii) is clearly written and easily understandable.

In order for you to receive a response to your comment, your contact information (preferably an email address or, alternatively, a U.S. mailing address) must accompany your comment. Following the close of the public comment period, a report of both reviews will be posted on the Town Hall and a report of the small business impact review will be published in the Virginia Register of Regulations.

red dot In Progress!     Opened on 7/18/2022 and closes at 11:59pm on 8/17/2022

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 Comment Title  Commenter
Protect families by allowing midwives to administer the medications they are trained to use Joanna Berger  8/15/22  1:09 pm
Let midwives do their job properly Louise Smith  8/15/22  1:00 pm
VA Midwives need to administer medications Anna Whetsel Rucker, Doula, HBCE. MomaRee’s Doula Services, LLC  8/15/22  12:35 pm
VA Midwives need to admirer medications Anna Whetsel Rucker, Doula, HBCE. MomaRee’s Doula Services, LLC  8/15/22  12:34 pm
Medications Access Anonymous (127231)  8/15/22  12:15 pm
Allow midwives to carry and administer necessary medications Jessica Sewell  8/15/22  11:04 am
Allow CPMs to administer meds Alexandra Loginov  8/15/22  9:12 am
Midwifery Forrest  8/15/22  8:56 am
Allow CPMs to administer these essential, safe medications and treatments Anonymous (127226)  8/15/22  7:11 am
VA Families seeking a homebirth must be kept safe Debbie Wong  8/15/22  4:27 am
Please allow midwives to act within the full scope of their training Anonymous (127222)  8/14/22  10:46 pm
Please give VA midwives access to life saving medications! Nicole Kramer  8/14/22  9:59 pm
Please change the current law Kassy Newman  8/14/22  8:39 pm
Allow midwives to practice fully Anonymous (127218)  8/14/22  5:27 pm
Safe home birth Anonymous (127217)  8/14/22  4:56 pm
Licensed Midwive's Scope of Practice to administer certain medications Christina Owens, CPM, LM (VMA VP) EVa Homebirth  8/14/22  3:58 pm
Thank you for reading- this is important to help the lives of mothers and their children Beth Wehr  8/14/22  2:51 pm
My midwife should have been able to have these available Emma Stevens  8/14/22  2:47 pm
Midwives should be able to administer and prescribe these meds!! Anonymous (127213)  8/14/22  2:17 pm
Outdated midwifery law Jeni Rector, CPM The Village Midwife and Birth Center  8/13/22  1:06 pm
Midwife use of Vitamin K saved my baby's life Anonymous (127207)  8/12/22  4:12 pm
Pleas allow midwives to prescribe basic medication Anonymous (127203)  8/12/22  7:11 am
Meds for midwives Ray T  8/11/22  2:50 pm
CPMs must be able to serve families fully Julia pelly  8/11/22  12:33 am
Allow CPMs and LMs to carry Standard Medications for VA Homebirth Families in their Midwifery Care Dana Washington-Queen  8/10/22  12:16 am
Supporting safe delivery/ full access Anonymous (127155)  8/9/22  4:18 pm
New Licensed Midwife Beverley L Bouchard  8/8/22  9:31 pm
Certified Professional Midwives Stephanie Krautkramer  8/8/22  3:40 pm
Midwives are trained professionals Melissa Marshall  8/6/22  1:41 pm
Update our outdated law to reflect CPM scope of practice Kim Pekin, Premier Birth Center  8/5/22  3:01 pm
Midwife support Selena  8/3/22  8:27 pm
Expand options for mothers, by giving midwives the freedom to practice Anonymous (124837)  8/3/22  3:06 pm
Midwifery Miranda C  8/2/22  7:54 pm
Allow midwives to carry life -saving medications! Brittany Inzeo  8/2/22  5:52 pm
Midwife/ Home birth Hilary Jenish  8/2/22  5:10 pm
Allow midwives to serve their patients Savannah Longest  8/2/22  5:02 pm
Increase access to care Jade Hillery  8/2/22  1:00 pm
Midwives are Heroes Ashley Lyttle  8/2/22  12:50 pm
Empower Midwives Barry Wilder O'Keefe  8/2/22  9:34 am
CPMs are trained professionals! Anonymous (124497)  8/2/22  6:09 am
Just say no to hospital births Bria  8/1/22  2:45 pm
Midwifery care changed my life Michaela Skinner  7/31/22  4:16 pm
Midwives can do it Kate Heard, RN  7/31/22  7:38 am
Midwives Anonymous (124211)  7/30/22  10:17 pm
Midwives to carry basic life saving pharmaceuticals Wendy Owens, CPM  7/30/22  6:22 pm
Women need fully practicing midwives. Anonymous (124187)  7/30/22  8:47 am
In favor of full scope M. D'vorah Honey CPM LM  7/29/22  8:12 pm
Best Practice Homebirth Adelaide Myers, RN  7/29/22  7:04 pm
Allow midwives to carry essentials Julie Brierre  7/28/22  9:37 pm
Midwives Angela Hobbs  7/28/22  8:54 pm
Midwifery Linnea Charisse Anderson  7/26/22  11:23 pm
Midwifery Hannah Johnson  7/26/22  5:49 pm
Medications Anonymous (124049)  7/26/22  2:44 pm
Medications Anonymous (124050)  7/26/22  2:44 pm
Allow midwives to provide care they are certified for Jesse Parsons  7/26/22  2:27 pm
Policy information Julia Bray  7/26/22  1:06 pm
In Support of Virginia Midwives Anonymous (124001)  7/25/22  9:10 pm
Midwifery Anonymous (124000)  7/25/22  9:05 pm
Midwifery Care Anonymous (123997)  7/25/22  8:29 pm
Allowing midwives to practice to their full scope Anonymous (123996)  7/25/22  8:10 pm
Virginia Midwifery Anonymous (123993)  7/25/22  7:27 pm
regulations that impact midwifery Antonia Harris  7/25/22  7:20 pm
Allow CPMs to administer meds needed for mom and baby. Anonymous (123989)  7/25/22  7:11 pm
Help keep mamas and babies safe Anonymous (123988)  7/25/22  7:02 pm
Let’s get out of the stone ages. Dominique clothiaux  7/25/22  6:22 pm
Let's bring midwifery care up-to-date! Anonymous (122875)  7/22/22  11:45 pm
Va Midwifery Anonymous (122868)  7/22/22  1:17 pm
Maximum Scope = Maximum Public Safety Lorri Carr, LM, CPM, LDM, LDEM - Highland Midwife  7/22/22  10:55 am
VA midwives Practice Anonymous (122830)  7/20/22  9:09 pm
Allow CPMs to carry medicines Katrina Nakao, Pathways Midwifery  7/20/22  8:38 pm
Please us the ability to practice our full scope Naomi Voss  7/20/22  6:42 pm
Allow Certified Professional Midwives to Carry and Administer Maternity and Newborn Medicines Maggie Grevas  7/20/22  2:50 pm
CPM/LM access to needed medications Michael Vernon Voss, Congressional Affairs Lead  7/19/22  6:23 pm
Regulations Governing the Practice of Licensed Midwives Kelly Jenkins  7/19/22  4:08 pm
Regulations governing the practice of Licensed Midwife Anne V Monson LM CPM  7/19/22  3:42 pm
Nothing to Lose! Meredith Nelson  7/19/22  3:35 pm
Midwives allowed full scope of practice LeaAnna H Miller, CPM, LM  7/19/22  11:41 am
Moms’ access and health comes first. MaryMay Short, BSN, RN  7/19/22  11:19 am
Allowing Full Scope of Practice Savannah Fassero, CPM, Heart of Lynchburg Midwifery  7/19/22  11:08 am
Practicing to the full extent of training Amy Rollogas, RN and CNM student  7/19/22  9:55 am
Midwifery in Virginia Anonymous (122760)  7/19/22  8:22 am
License CPMs to carry and administer certain medications Sara Dunn  7/18/22  9:44 pm
Allow us the ability to practice our full scope DD  7/18/22  9:22 pm
Certified Midwives should have all of their privileges Anonymous (122747)  7/18/22  7:56 pm
Midwives To Be Allowed Medication Rachel Adams  7/18/22  2:39 pm
CPM/LM access to needed medications Sylvia Boudali, CNM  7/18/22  2:07 pm
Virginia Midwives Corey Watts  7/18/22  11:36 am
Allow midwives to practice to their full ability Mance Miller  7/18/22  11:30 am
License midwives for meds Briana Watts  7/18/22  11:10 am
REVIEW of regulations for CPM's Doran Richards, CPM, Grace Midwifery  7/18/22  10:12 am

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