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General Notice: INITIAL DRAFT: NEW Crisis Services Chapter (111) for 12VAC35-105 Rules and Regulations for Licensing Providers by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services

CLOSED     Opened on 1/29/2024 and Ended on 3/14/2024

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Comment Title Commenter
Separate and distinct licenses for crisis services St John  3/14/24  10:49 pm
Emergency Services Anonymous (222310)  3/14/24  2:45 pm
Recommended Changes Brandon Rodgers  3/14/24  2:35 pm
Many concerns with proposed changes Anonymous (222308)  3/14/24  1:40 pm
CIBH feedback related Crisis Services Specific Chapter Gail McLemore  3/14/24  11:17 am
Staffing requirements Shari Medley, PMHNP-BC  3/13/24  7:26 pm
Region Ten Comment Re: Draft Crisis Chapter Region Ten CSB  3/13/24  11:49 am
Crisis Services - Concerns with Draft Regulations Melanie Tosh, DPCS  3/12/24  1:39 pm
crisis regs comments & questions Laura Davis, MRCS  3/12/24  11:25 am
Comment Lauren Cressell  3/12/24  10:51 am
23 Hour Programs Anonymous (222279)  3/12/24  10:22 am
Please Review - Lots of Concerns Anonymous (222277)  3/12/24  10:20 am
Comments Nicole Lewis, Southside Behavioral Health  3/12/24  9:22 am
Concerns re Crisis Stabilization Services Oversight in Virginia Khadijah T Washington  3/8/24  2:24 pm

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