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General Notice: UIpdated DSP and Supervisor Competencies Checklist (DMAS Form P241a)

red dot In Progress!     Opened on 5/19/2021 and closes at 11:59pm on 6/18/2021

Developmental Disabilities DSP and Supervisor Competencies Checklist

 (for DD Waiver providers of Agency-Directed Personal Assistance, Agency-Directed Companion, Agency-Directed Respite, Center-based Crisis Services, Community-based Crisis Services, Crisis Support Services, Community Engagement, Community Coaching, Group Day Services, Group Home Residential, Group Supported Employment, Independent Living Supports, Individual Supported Employment, In-Home Support Services, Sponsored Residential, Supported Living Residential,  and Workplace Assistance)

The Direct Support Professional (DSP) Competencies Checklist is designed to ensure a more consistent level of expertise among DSPs and Supervisors who provide supports in Virginia’s developmental disabilities (DD) services system. “DSP” refers to staff members identified by the provider as having the primary role of as ...... read the full general notice

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Re: DSP/Supervisor Competency Checklist Matthew Osborne  6/4/21  11:59 am
Re: DSP/Supervisor Competency Checklist Matthew Osborne  6/4/21  10:49 am
Implementation of the "Competencies" Checklist Jennifer G Fidura; Executive Director, VNPP, Inc.  6/3/21  3:25 pm
DSP Competencies Kim Ackerman, Diversity Training & Support  5/31/21  10:47 am
Love the Idea; Too Time Consuming Tymisha Robinson, CHS  5/30/21  8:28 am
dLCV comment on the Updated DSP and Supervisor Competencies Checklist disAbility Law Center of Virginia  5/27/21  9:27 pm
Competencies Checklist Daniel Key, Key Living Options, Inc.  5/26/21  5:08 pm
DSP and Supervisor Competencies Checklist Warren J. McKeen, The Arc of Augusta  5/25/21  1:23 pm
Recognize, Respond and Prevent Abuse/Neglect Molly Dellinger-Wray  5/21/21  9:09 am
DSP Checklist Tonya Butler, Western Tidewater CSB  5/20/21  1:35 pm
DSP and supervisor competencies/abuse and neglect PETER MAZURE  5/20/21  10:41 am
DSP Checklist Stephen Grammer  5/20/21  9:55 am

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