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General Notice: Update to Supervisor Assurance Form (DMAS Form P245a)

red dot In Progress!     Opened on 5/19/2021 and closes at 11:59pm on 6/18/2021

Supervisor Assurance
[To confirm successful completion of training, testing and competency requirements for the DD Waivers]

I,   __________________________ (print), recognize that, as a condition of
providing services or consultation under the BI, FIS and CL Waivers, the following requirements  must be met. I hereby assure that, as supervisor of these services, the following events have occurred as described.

1) I have reviewed the required training topics (including the characteristics of developmental disabilities and Virginia’s DD Waivers, person-centeredness, positive behavioral supports, effective communication, DBHDS-identified health risks and the appropriate interventions, and best
practices in the support of individuals with developmental disabilities) and
completed the DBHDS online training for supervisors, which details the supervisors’ responsibilities for ensuring DSP training, testing and competency requirements of the BI, FIS and CL waivers.

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Feedback for Supervisor Attestation Andie Plumley  6/9/21  3:40 pm
Supervisory Assurance Form Kim Ackerman, Diversity Training & Support  5/31/21  10:24 am

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