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General Notice: Proposed Amendment to the Virginia Voter Registration Application

CLOSED     Opened on 5/14/2019 and Ended on 6/4/2019

The proposed amendment to the Virginia Voter Registration Application is due to new legislative requirements signed during the 2019 legislative session.  SB1244 expanded the list of voters eligible to receive protected voter status to include individuals who have been approved to be a foster parent.  This legislative requirement is to be enacted on July 1, 2019.

The proposed amendment adds "I have been approved to be a foster parent" to the list of protected voter status.  The link below has been provided to view the proposed amendment to the voter registration application.  Comments regarding the proposed amendment can be provided in TownHall.

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Comment Title Commenter
Practical suggestion for on-line use. Jody D. Brown  6/1/19  3:03 pm
Support for wording on SB1244 Cathie Fisher Braman  5/28/19  2:42 pm
Remove shadows in information boxes Tara Moore, Poquoson Assistant Registrar  5/28/19  1:09 pm
Update to Section 4 Traci Clark  5/28/19  10:23 am
Adding a foster parent to the list of protected voters Rick Miller, Director of Elections, Frederick County  5/28/19  9:27 am
Support voter registration form change per SB1244 Carol Noggle  5/26/19  11:52 am
Addition of a new protected foster parent status on voter form Jim Brewer  5/25/19  6:42 am
comment to adding new voter protected status Jim Brewer  5/14/19  8:35 pm

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