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General Notice: Draft CCC Plus Waiver Provider Manual

CLOSED     Opened on 2/7/2022 and Ended on 3/9/2022

The draft CCC Plus Waiver Provider Manual (Chapters II and IV), DMAS 116, and DMAS 99 are now available on the DMAS website for public comment until March 9, 2022.

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Comment Title Commenter
CCC+ Manual, Chp 4 Comments Moms In Motion/At Home Your Way  3/9/22  5:04 pm
DMAS-99 Revision Comments Moms In Motion/At Home Your Way  3/9/22  4:06 pm
Private duty nursing Anonymous (120071)  2/22/22  2:59 pm
Please review CCC Plus waiver manual, Chapter 4, Inpatient Rehabilitation hospital admission Ann Marie Voight  2/14/22  5:28 pm
Applying patient pay to specific procedure codes to be listed in Chapter 4, CCC Plus waiver manual Ann Marie Voight  2/14/22  4:59 pm
Addition to Chapter 4 to specify that the initial RN/agency assessment must be completed in the home Ann Marie Voight  2/14/22  4:49 pm

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