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General Notice: Public Notice - Intent to Amend State Plan - Personal Care Rate Increase

CLOSED     Opened on 11/12/2021 and Ended on 12/12/2021

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Please increase pay for caregivers. To have trust worthy honest people you need to pay decent wage Angela Green  12/11/21  11:56 pm
Pay Increases for Waiver Providers Please! Cat Emerson  12/8/21  11:50 am
supporting increase in personal care reimbursement rates J.B. Sellers  12/7/21  3:03 pm
Support In-Home and Parent Care Provider Increases! Sara Miller  12/7/21  2:29 pm
Supporting attendant pay increase Ashley Grant  12/7/21  7:49 am
Supporting Personal Care Pay Increases Mare Thomas  12/6/21  6:19 pm
Personal Care Pay Increases - Support Wendy Little  12/6/21  3:23 pm

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