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On this Guidance Document (Digital Devices in the Classroom - Health and Safety Guidelines)

red dot In Progress!     Opened on 3/29/2021 and closes at 11:59pm on 4/28/2021

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Balance screen time with nature Nancy Striniste, Director of East Coast Programs, Green Schoolyards America  4/15/21  2:41 pm
Comments on Digital Device Guidelines in Schools Mary Sanders, HCAT Arlington  4/14/21  12:42 pm
Comments on technology in schools guidelines BP  4/13/21  3:46 pm
A True Challenge: Healthy and Safety Guidelines Blythe Winslow, Everyschool  4/13/21  12:36 pm
A stronger stance is needed to protect our children Lauren Ford  4/12/21  1:12 pm
Health and Safety Digital Device Guidelines Carrie Lombardi  4/9/21  11:18 am
Long way to go S Det  4/8/21  12:27 pm
Health & Safety Digital Device Guidelines Rae Pica, Rae Pica Keynotes & Consulting  4/8/21  10:52 am
Comment on HB 817- Device Use in Schools Ann Marie Dougalss  4/7/21  12:15 pm
Comments on Digital Devices in the Classroom: Health and Safety Guidelines Laura Bowman  4/1/21  10:23 am

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