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Comment Title Commenter
Please don't allow new guidelines to pass for weight loss medications Anonymous (220414)  9/27/23  9:26 pm
Please don't restrict access! Patricia M Nece  9/27/23  1:15 pm
please do not restrict laura bounds  9/27/23  12:21 pm
Patient access to anti-obesity medications Obesity Action Coalition  9/27/23  7:35 am
Please do not restrict Anonymous (220401)  9/26/23  9:34 am
GLP criteria Dr. Nakeshia Lynn Mouzon  9/26/23  9:10 am
Oppose adding further restrictions Anonymous (220377)  9/21/23  10:19 pm
Weight Loss Medication Restrictions Anonymous (220374)  9/21/23  3:30 pm
Wegovy appeal Esra Gokturk NP  9/21/23  1:35 pm
Wegovy Limitations Patricia Williamson, AGPCNP-BC  9/21/23  1:32 pm
Obesity Medicine Amy Vick  9/21/23  11:22 am
Wegovy Anonymous (220366)  9/21/23  10:57 am
Do not make treating this chronic deadly disease harder to treat S. Marshall, NP  9/21/23  10:19 am
Proposed changes are not inline with current evidence based literature and recommendations Nathaniel Sann  9/21/23  9:30 am
weight loss medication restrictions Sommer Knittig, M.D.  9/18/23  10:27 pm
Wegovy limitations Carrie Schaefer, CVHS  9/18/23  1:15 pm
Increase in requirements Wegovy Anonymous (220350)  9/18/23  11:24 am
Importance of medicaiton access for obesity treatment Dr. Pamela Brandt  9/15/23  12:33 pm
weight loss medication restrictions Sentara Medical Group  9/15/23  6:09 am
Wegovy access Greg McClanahan  9/14/23  8:44 pm
Keep Current Access to Wegovy Anonymous (220333)  9/14/23  5:58 pm
Opposition-Proposed Changes to DMAS Prior Authorization Requirements Dr. Catherine Varney DO, Obesity Medicine Director UVA Health  9/14/23  11:49 am
Weight Loss Medication Criteria Chesapeake Weight Loss  9/14/23  11:40 am
Don’t change criteria Tiffany Gibson  9/14/23  10:36 am
Don’t change the criteria Anonymous (220323)  9/14/23  9:47 am
Anti-Obesity Medications Michael W. Jones, DO, MBA, FAAFP, Dipl. ABOM, CCHP  9/13/23  2:04 pm
GLP-1 medication Dr Joshua A. Yeary  9/12/23  10:01 pm
Wegovy Highlander Family Medicine  9/11/23  10:22 am
Changing requirements for GLP-1 Susan Clapp, DNP  9/9/23  4:13 pm
Please reconsider the proposed barriers to effective GLP1 agonist use for the treatment of obesity Susan Wolver, MD  9/9/23  3:14 pm
Importance of Obesity meds Catherine Slusher, MD  9/8/23  1:57 pm
Weight Loss Management Drugs Anonymous (220174)  9/7/23  3:36 pm
Weight Loss Management Drugs Lisa Cullen, LPN  9/7/23  2:24 pm
Opposition to proposed changes Katie George, DNP  9/7/23  1:50 pm
FNP Shauntell Kline FNP  9/7/23  12:22 pm
Importance of GLP1Agonist medication access to the medicaid population Dr Daphne Bryan  9/3/23  12:42 pm

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