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On this Guidance Document (Streamlined Plan Review for Construction Stormwater Plans and Erosion and Sediment Control Plans submitted by a Professional Engineer and reviewed by a Dual Combined Administrator for Erosion and Sediment Control and Stormwater Management)

CLOSED     Opened on 8/1/2022 and Ended on 8/31/2022

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Comment Title Commenter
Appalachian Power Comments on Draft Guidance Memo 22-2011 Jared Webb, PE, Appalachian Power Company  8/31/22  9:55 pm
DEQ GM 22-2011: Hewitt Solutions Comments Hewitt Solutions, PLLC  8/31/22  7:11 pm
Guidance Memo No. 22-2012 and No. 22-2011 Martha Moore, Virginia Farm Bureau Federation  8/31/22  6:17 pm
Support for Proposed streamlined plan review GM22-2011 Virginia Association for Commercial Real Estate by Philip Abraham  8/31/22  5:20 pm
AES CE Response to Guidance Memo No. 22-2011 AES Clean Energy  8/31/22  5:11 pm
Guidance Memo No. 22-2011 Jonathan Matheny, MWAA  8/31/22  3:17 pm
Streamlined Plan Review Comments Simon Rutrough, PE  8/31/22  12:12 pm
Response to GM22-2011 Steve Pandish, PE, Kelsey Ryan, PE, MacKenzie Bauman, PE (Gordon)  8/30/22  4:31 pm

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