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Regulatory reform changes
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Part II
Renewals and Reinstatements

18VAC95-30-60. Renewal requirements.

A. A person who desires to renew his license or preceptor registration for the next year shall, not later than the expiration date of March 31 of each year, submit a completed renewal form and fee.

B. The renewal form and fee shall be received no later than the expiration date. Postmarks shall not be considered.

C. An assisted living facility administrator license or preceptor registration not renewed by the expiration date shall be invalid, and continued practice may constitute grounds for disciplinary action.


18VAC95-30-70. Continuing education requirements.

A. In order to renew an assisted living administrator license, an applicant shall attest on his renewal application to completion of 20 hours of approved continuing education for each renewal year.

1. Up to 10 of the 20 hours may be obtained through Internet or self-study courses and up to 10 continuing education hours in excess of the number required may be transferred or credited to the next renewal year.

2. A licensee is exempt from completing continuing education requirements and considered in compliance on for the first renewal date following initial licensure in Virginia.

B. In order for continuing education to be approved by the board, it shall be related to the domains of practice for residential care/assisted living and approved or offered by NAB, an accredited educational institution, or a governmental agency.

C. Documentation of continuing education.

1. The licensee shall retain in his personal files for a period of three renewal years complete documentation of continuing education including evidence of attendance or participation as provided by the approved sponsor for each course taken.

2. Evidence of attendance shall be an original document provided by the approved sponsor and shall include:

a. Date or dates the course was taken;

b. Hours of attendance or participation;

c. Participant's name; and

d. Signature of an authorized representative of the approved sponsor.

3. If contacted for an audit, the licensee shall forward to the board by the date requested a signed affidavit of completion on forms provided by the board and evidence of attendance or participation as provided by the approved sponsor.

D. The board may grant an extension of up to one year or an exemption for all or part of the continuing education requirements due to circumstances beyond the control of the administrator, such as a certified illness, a temporary disability, mandatory military service, or officially declared disasters.


18VAC95-30-95. Licensure of current administrators. (Repealed.)

A. Until January 2, 2009, any person who has served in one of the following positions for the period of one of the four years immediately preceding application for licensure may be licensed by the board:

1. A full-time administrator of record in accordance with requirements of 22VAC40-72-200, or an assistant administrator in an assisted living facility, as documented on an application for licensure; or

2. A full-time regional administrator with onsite supervisory responsibilities for one or more assisted living facilities with at least two years of previous experience as the administrator of an assisted living facility as documented on an application for licensure.

B. Persons who are applying for licensure based on experience as an administrator as specified in subsection A of this section shall document a passing grade on the national credentialing examination for administrators of assisted living facilities approved by the board.


18VAC95-30-180. Preceptors.

A. Training in an ALF AIT program shall be under the supervision of a preceptor who is registered or recognized by Virginia or a similar licensing board in another jurisdiction.

B. To be registered by the board as a preceptor, a person shall:

1. Hold a current, unrestricted Virginia assisted living facility administrator or nursing home administrator license;

2. Be employed full-time as an administrator in a training facility or facilities for a minimum of one of the past four years immediately prior to registration or be a regional administrator with on-site supervisory responsibilities for a training facility or facilities; and

3. Submit an application and fee as prescribed in 18VAC95-30-40. The board may waive such application and fee for a person who is already approved as a preceptor for nursing home licensure.

C. A preceptor shall:

1. Provide direct instruction, planning, and evaluation;

2. Be routinely present with the trainee in the training facility; and

3. Continually evaluate the development and experience of the trainee to determine specific areas needed for concentration.

D. A preceptor may supervise no more than two trainees at any one time.


18VAC95-30-200. Interruption or termination of program.

A. If the program is interrupted because the registered preceptor is unable to serve, the trainee shall notify the board within five 10 working days and shall obtain a new preceptor who is registered with the board within 60 days.

1. Credit for training shall resume when a new preceptor is obtained and approved by the board.

2. If an alternate training plan is developed, it shall be submitted to the board for approval before the trainee resumes training.

B. If the training program is terminated prior to completion, the trainee and the preceptor shall each submit a written explanation of the causes of program termination to the board within five working days. The preceptor shall also submit all required monthly progress reports completed prior to termination.