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Requirements for practice of fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation by ...
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18VAC30-20-141. Performance of flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing.

A. For the purposes of this section, an endoscopic procedure shall mean a flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing limited to the use of flexible endoscopes to observe, collect data, and measure the parameters of swallowing for the purposes of functional assessment and therapy planning.

B. A speech-language pathologist who performs an endoscopic procedure shall meet the following qualifications:

1. Completion of a course or courses or an educational program offered by a provider approved in 18VAC30-20-300 that includes at least 12 hours on endoscopic procedures;

2. Successful performance of at least 25 flexible endoscopic procedures under the immediate and direct supervision of a board-certified otolaryngologist or another speech-language pathologist who has successfully performed at least 50 flexible endoscopic procedures beyond the 25 required for initial qualification and has been approved in writing by a board-certified otolaryngologist to provide that supervision; and

3. Current certification in basic life support.

C. The speech-language pathologist who qualifies to perform an endoscopic procedure pursuant to subsection B of this section shall maintain documentation of course completion and written verification from the supervising otolaryngologist or speech-language pathologist of successful completion of flexible endoscopic procedures.

D. An endoscopic procedure shall only be performed by a speech-language pathologist on referral from an otolaryngologist or other qualified physician.

E. A speech-language pathologist shall only perform an endoscopic procedure in a facility that has protocols in place for emergency medical backup. A flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing shall only be performed by a speech-language pathologist in either:

1. A licensed hospital or nursing home under the general supervision of a physician who is readily available in the event of an emergency, including physical presence in the facility or available by telephone; or

2. A physician's office at which the physician is on premises and available to provide onsite supervision.

F. The speech-language pathologist shall promptly report any observed abnormality or adverse reaction to the referring physician, an appropriate medical specialist, or both. The speech-language pathologist shall provide a report of an endoscopic procedure to the referring physician in a timely manner and, if requested, shall ensure access to a visual recording for viewing.

G. A speech-language pathologist is not authorized to possess or administer prescription drugs except as provided in ยง 54.1-3408 B of the Code of Virginia.

H. A speech-language pathologist who has been performing flexible endoscopic evaluations of swallowing prior to (insert effective date of regulation) may continue to perform such evaluations provided he has written verification from a board-certified otolaryngologist that he has the appropriate training, knowledge, and skills to safely perform such evaluations.