Virginia Regulatory Town Hall

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Correction of tuberculosis skin test requirements
Stage: Final
4/11/13  12:44 PM

6VAC15-40-370. Receiving and medical screening of inmates.

Written policy, procedure, and practice shall provide that receiving and medical screening be performed on all inmates upon admission to the facility. The medical screening shall:

1. Specify screening for current illnesses, health problems and conditions, and past history of communicable diseases;

2. Specify screening for current symptoms regarding the inmate's mental health, dental problems, allergies, present medications, special dietary requirements, and symptoms of venereal disease;

3. Include inquiry into past and present drug and alcohol abuse, mental health status, depression, suicidal tendencies, and skin condition;

4. For female inmates, include inquiry into possible pregnancy or gynecological problems; and

5. All inmates shall receive a tuberculosis (TB) skin test within seven days of admission to the facility unless it can be documented that the inmate has received a TB skin test within the past 12 months or has tested positive to the TB skin test at any time in the past. In such cases, the facility's physician shall determine what actions, if any, are necessary to safeguard against the spread of the disease.