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2VAC5-325-10. Definitions.

The following words and terms shall have the following meanings unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

"Certificate" means a document in which an inspector affirms that a specified regulated article is free of pine shoot beetle and may be moved to any destination outside the area under quarantine.

"Compliance agreement" means a written agreement between a person engaged in growing, handling, receiving or moving regulated articles and the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, or both, wherein the former agrees to comply with the requirements of the compliance agreement.

"Infestation" means the presence of the pine shoot beetle or the existence of circumstances that make it reasonable to believe that the pine shoot beetle is present.

"Inspector" means any employee of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, or other person authorized by the commissioner to enforce the provisions of the quarantine or regulation.

"Limited permit" or "permit" means a document in which an inspector affirms that the regulated article identified on the document is eligible for movement in accordance with this regulation only to a specified destination and only in accordance with specified conditions.

"Moved," "move," or "movement" means shipped, offered for shipment, received for transportation, transported, carried, or allowed to be moved, shipped, transported, or carried.

"Person" means any association, company, corporation, firm, individual, joint stock company, partnership, society, or other entity.

"Pine nursery stock" means all Pinus spp. woody plants, shrubs, and rooted trees, including dug (balled and burlaped) Christmas trees, and ornamental pine, such as bonsai.

"Pine shoot beetle" means the insect known as pine shoot beetle, Tomicus piniperda (Linnaeus), in any stage of development.

"Virginia Pest Law" means the statute set forth in Article 6 1 (ยง 3.1-188.20 3.2-700 et seq.) of Chapter 13 7 of Title 3.1 3.2 of the Code of Virginia.