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Final Text


Repeal Chapter 790 "Open Public Oyster Rocks, Pocomoke Sound"
Stage: Final
4VAC20-790-10 Authority, prior chapter, effective date.  (Repealed.)

A. This chapter is promulgated pursuant to the authority contained in § 28.1-128.1 [Repealed] of the Code of Virginia.

B. This chapter repeals Virginia Marine Resources Commission Order Number VR 450-01-8411 which was promulgated and made effective December 31, 1984.

C. The effective date of this chapter is October 23, 1985.

4VAC20-790-20 Purpose.  (Repealed.)

The purpose of this order is to rescind prior Order Number VR 450-01-8411, thereby, opening to the taking of oysters certain designated areas in the Pocomoke Sound management area.

4VAC20-790-30 Designated areas.  (Repealed.)

The following areas in Public Ground 16 in Deep Creek Channel on the east side of Pocomoke Sound are opened to the taking of oysters:

1. That area between buoy 3 and buoy 4 on the south side of Deep Creek Channel.

2. That area on the west side of Buoy 7 in Deep Creek channel.

4VAC20-790-40 Rescinded order.  (Repealed.)

Virginia Marine Resources Commission Order Number VR 450-01-8411 (4VAC20-700-10) is hereby rescinded.

4VAC20-790-50 Penalty.  (Repealed.)

Pursuant to § 28.1-23 [Repealed] of the Code of Virginia, any person who violates any chapters adopted and promulgated by the commission shall be guilty of a Class I misdemeanor.