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Stickers or Decals Used By Cities, Counties and Towns -EO19 ...
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19VAC30-40-10 Purpose.  (Repealed.)

The purpose of this standard is to establish specifications for the size and placement location of stickers or decals used by counties, cities, and towns in lieu of license plates.

19VAC30-40-20 Size

The size of the sticker or decal shall not exceed three inches in height and three inches in length. The shape of the sticker or decal is optional.

19VAC30-40-30 Placement

The sticker or decal shall be placed at the bottom of the windshield adjacent to 1/4-inch from the right side edge of the official inspection sticker when viewed through the windshield from inside the vehicle. The side edge adjacent to the official inspection sticker shall not be more than 1/4 inch from the edge of the official inspection sticker. At the option of the motor vehicle's owner, the sticker or decal, provided it measures not more than two and one-half inches in width and four inches in length, may be placed in the blind spot behind the rear view mirror.