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Final Exempt CH 370 Changes in Response to 2022 Board Bill
Stage: Final
9VAC25-370-10 Socio-economic hearings management

In the conduct of these hearings, as required by the board's water quality standards on projects that may result in shellfish condemnations, it will be the board's Department of Environmental Quality's (department's) policy to request information from appropriate state agencies such as the Department of Health, Virginia Marine Resources Commission, and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, from the Virginia Seafood Council membership and from private owners and others as appropriate.

9VAC25-370-20 Evaluation of applications

In the board's department's decision-making process on applications for any new industries, sewage treatment plants, housing developments, marinas, dredging, spoil disposal, bulkheading, or any other new or expanded operations that would directly or indirectly cause condemnations of shellfish growing areas, it will be the board's department's policy, in giving adequate protection to viable shellfish resources, to include an evaluation of reasonable potential as well as actual productivity data for the affected areas.

9VAC25-370-30 Coordination with other agencies

In its continuing efforts of pollution abatement to protect existing water quality and development of new programs as may be necessary for restoration of currently condemned shellfish areas, it will be the policy of the board department to integrate its programs with other state and federal programs which would also have as their sole or partial objective the continued viability of the Commonwealth's seafood and shellfish resources.