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Pre-hearing conferences
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3VAC5-10-220 Informal Pre-hearing conferences

A. An informal conference A pre-hearing conference will be conducted when an applicant for a license or a licensee who is the subject of a disciplinary proceeding does not waive its right to such a conference. A waiver may be verbal or in writing. Unless the parties are advised otherwise, the agency will automatically waive the informal pre-hearing conference when the applicant or licensee does so. When the applicant or licensee is offered an informal a pre-hearing conference and fails to respond within 10 calendar days after the date of such offer, the informal pre-hearing conference will be deemed to be waived.

B. The informal conference will be conducted for the reasons set forth in § 2.2-4019 of the Code of Virginia. The informal conference may not be used for purposes of agreement fixing a period of suspension or license revocation. The informal pre-hearing conference will serve as a vehicle to acquaint the interested party, in a general way, with the nature of the charges or objections, the evidence in support thereof and to hear any matters relevant thereto presented by the interested parties and to explore whether (i) administrative proceedings or objections should be terminated or (ii) the case should proceed to formal hearing and stipulations can be reached. The conference will be open to the public, but participation will be limited to the interested parties, their attorneys-at-law or other qualified representatives, and designated board representatives. The pre-hearing conference may be held virtually or telephonically, and at least five days prior to the formal hearing. The conference will may be held, when practical, at the county or city in which the establishment of the applicant or licensee is located. Reasonable notice of administrative charges or objections and the date, time and place of the conference shall be given to the participants. The failure of the applicant or licensee to appear at a scheduled conference will be deemed a waiver of the informal pre-hearing conference. The informal proceeding pre-hearing conference will not be recorded. Sworn testimony will not be taken, nor will subpoenas be issued. Any initial decision will include a summary of the pre-hearing conference.