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Removal of Related Instruction Language
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18VAC80-30-20 Qualifications of applicant

An applicant for a license shall furnish satisfactory evidence on an application provided by the board establishing that:

1. The applicant is at least 18 years of age unless emancipated under the provisions of § 16.1-333 of the Code of Virginia;

2. The applicant is a graduate of an accredited high school, has completed the equivalent of grammar school and a four-year high school course, or is a holder of a certificate of general educational development;

3. The applicant is in good standing as a licensed optician in every jurisdiction where licensed;

4. The applicant has not been convicted in any jurisdiction of a misdemeanor or felony involving sexual offense, drug distribution or physical injury, or any felony that directly relates to the profession of opticianry. The board shall have the authority to determine, based upon all the information available, including the applicant's record of prior convictions, if the applicant is unfit or unsuited to engage in the profession of opticianry. Any plea of nolo contendere shall be considered a conviction for the purposes of this subdivision. The licensee shall provide a certified copy of a final order, decree, or case decision by a court or regulatory agency with the lawful authority to issue such order, decree, or case decision, and such copy shall be admissible as prima facie evidence of such conviction. This record shall be forwarded by the licensee to the board within 10 days after all appeal rights have expired;

5. The applicant has successfully completed one of the following education requirements:

a. A board-approved two-year course in a school of opticianry, including the study of topics essential to qualify for practicing as an optician; or

b. A two-year apprenticeship with a minimum of one school year of related instruction or home study, including all required related technical instruction, while registered in the apprenticeship program in accordance with the standards established by the state Department of Labor and Industry, Division of Registered Apprenticeship, and approved by the board;

6. The applicant has disclosed his current mailing address;

7. The nonresident applicant for a license has filed and maintained with the department an irrevocable consent for the director of the department to serve as service agent for all actions filed in any court in the Commonwealth; and

8. The applicant shall certify, as part of the application, that the applicant has read and understands Chapter 15 (§ 54.1-1500 et seq.) of Title 54.1 of the Code of Virginia and the regulations of the board.