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Proposed Text


Hearing Aid Specialists Passing Exam Score Validity
Stage: Fast-Track
18VAC80-20-80 Examinations

A. All examinations required for licensure shall be approved by the board and administered by the board, a testing service acting on behalf of the board, or another governmental agency or organization.

B. The candidate for examination shall follow all rules established by the board with regard to conduct at the examination. Such rules shall include any written instructions communicated prior to the examination date and any instructions communicated at the site, either written or oral, on the date of the examination. Failure to comply with all rules established by the board with regard to conduct at the examination shall be grounds for denial of the application.

C. Applicants for licensure shall pass a two part examination, of which Part I is a written examination and Part II is a practical examination.

1. The applicant shall pass each section of the written and practical examination administered by the board. Candidates failing one or more sections of the written or practical examination will be required to retake only those sections failed.

2. Any candidate failing to achieve a passing score on all sections in three successive scheduled examinations two years from the initial test date must reapply as a new applicant for licensure and repeat all sections of the written and practical examination.

3. If the temporary permit holder fails to achieve a passing score on any section of the examination in three successive scheduled examinations, the temporary permit shall expire upon receipt of the examination failure letter resulting from the third attempt.