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Waiver of CGFNS and TOEFL
Stage: Fast-Track

18VAC90-19-120. Licensure by endorsement.

A. A graduate of an approved nursing education program who has been licensed by examination in another United States jurisdiction and whose license is in good standing, or is eligible for reinstatement if lapsed, shall be eligible for licensure by endorsement in Virginia provided the applicant satisfies the same requirements for registered nurse or practical nurse licensure as those seeking initial licensure in Virginia.

1. Applicants who have graduated from approved nursing education programs that did not require a sufficient number of clinical hours as specified in 18VAC90-27-100 may qualify for licensure if they can provide evidence of at least 960 hours of clinical practice with an active, unencumbered license in another United States jurisdiction.

2. Applicants whose basic nursing education was received in another country shall meet the requirements of 18VAC90-19-130 for a CGFNS credentials review and examination of English proficiency. However, those requirements may be satisfied if the applicant can provide evidence from another United States jurisdiction of:

a. A CGFNS credentials evaluation for educational comparability; and

b. Passage of an English language proficiency examination approved by the CGFNS, unless the applicant met the CGFNS criteria for an exemption from the requirement.

3. A graduate of a nursing school in Canada where English was the primary language shall be eligible for licensure by endorsement provided the applicant has passed the Canadian Registered Nurses Examination and holds an unrestricted license in Canada.

B. An applicant for licensure by endorsement who has submitted a criminal history background check as required by ยง 54.1-3005.1 of the Code of Virginia and the required application and fee and has submitted the required form to the appropriate credentialing agency for verification of licensure may practice for 30 days upon receipt of an authorization letter from the board. If an applicant has not received a Virginia license within 30 days and wishes to continue practice, he shall seek an extension of authorization to practice by submitting a request and evidence that he has requested verification of licensure.

C. If the application is not completed within one year of the initial filing date, the applicant shall submit a new application and fee.