Virginia Regulatory Town Hall

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Price Discrimination; Inducements
Stage: Fast-Track

3VAC5-30-90. Price discrimination; inducements.

A. No wholesale wine or beer licensee shall discriminate in price of alcoholic beverages between different retail purchasers except where the difference in price charged by such wholesale licensee is due to:

1. Acceptance or rejection by a retail purchaser of terms or conditions affecting a price offer, including a quantity discount, as long as such terms or conditions are offered on an equal basis to all retailers;

2. A bona fide difference in the cost of sale or delivery; or

3. The wholesale licensee charging a lower price in good faith to meet an equally low price charged by a competing wholesale licensee on a brand and package of like grade and quality.

Where such difference in price charged to any such retail purchaser does occur, the board may ask for and the wholesale licensee shall furnish written substantiation for the price difference.

B. Notwithstanding subsection A of this section, wholesale wine licensees may differentiate in the pricing between retail purchasers with on-premises and off-premises privileges. However, there shall be no discrimination in pricing among retail licensee purchasers with on-premises privileges and no discrimination in pricing among retail licensee purchasers with off-premises privileges, unless the conditions in subsection A of this section are present.

C. No person holding a license authorizing the sale of alcoholic beverages at retail shall knowingly induce or receive a discrimination in price prohibited by this section.