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Petition 5
Petition Information
Petition Title Increased ratio of hygienist to dentist
Date Filed 6/15/2003   
Petitioner James W. Jelinek, DDS 
Petitioner's Request

To amend section 200 which establishes that two dental hygienists may work under the supervision of a licensed dentist at any one time. The petitioner request that the ratio be changed to three hygienists for each dentist since the current ratio limits his practice and ability to provide hygiene services to his patients.

Agency's Plan

The Board will consider the petition for rule-making at its meeting on September 12, 2003.

Comment Period Ended 8/5/2003
Agency Decision Take no action    
Response Date 11/20/2003
Agency Decision Summary

The Board received four written comments on the petition, all of which were opposed to changing the ratio. At this time, the Board believes that sucha a change would exacerbate the problem of too few hygienists in underserved areas of the state. Data is inadequate to determine the potential effect of a change in the ratio, so the Board has agreed to begin collecting workforce data. The Board will continue to engage in study and dialogue on the issue.