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Petition 46
Petition Information
Petition Title Clarification of delegation of root planing/scaling
Date Filed 5/28/2007   
Petitioner Debra Tanner, RDH 
Petitioner's Request

To clarify that the acts of scaling, root planing, or scaling and root planing of natural and restored teeth are services that may be delegated by the dentist to a dental hygienist but not to a dental assistant.

Agency's Plan

To consider the request at the Board meeting on September 7, 2007

Comment Period Ended 8/8/2007
Agency Decision Initiate a regulatory change    
Response Date 9/7/2007
Agency Decision Summary

The Board voted at its meeting on September 7, 2007 to clarify section 220 of the regulation by a fast-track action.

Associated regulatory action Rule on delegation of scaling and/or root planing
Latest Stage: Fast-Track