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Petition 389
Petition Information
Petition Title List of unqualified persons provided to general registrars
Date Filed 5/26/2023    [Transmittal Sheet]
Petitioner Ann Grigorian 
Petitioner's Request

To establish a process that allows jury commissioners to relay, from lists of registered voters obtained from the Department of Elections under § 24.2-405, the information obtained from those persons not qualified to serve as jurors as a result of (i) not being a citizen of the United States, (ii) no longer being a resident of the Commonwealth, (iii) being a resident of another county or city in the Commonwealth, (iv) having been convicted of a felony and not having had voting rights restored, or (v) having been adjudicated incapacitated and disqualified to vote and not having had voting rights restored. The rule provides a process whereby the sheriff, clerk of court, or other official responsible for maintaining such information provided by the commissioners may enter into an agreement with the general registrar for the locality to make that information available to that general registrar. The general registrar shall utilize the information received pursuant to this policy to identify registered voters who are no longer qualified to vote and to initiate list maintenance procedures pursuant to current law.

Agency's Plan

Agency is continuing to review if the State Board has the statutory authority to utilize a juror questionnaire for the petitioner's requested purpose, or if the request is in conflict with current statutes.

Comment Period Will begin 6/19/2023 and end on 7/10/2023
Agency Decision Pending    

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