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Regulation Concerning Certified Lead Contractors Notification, Lead Project Permits and Permit Fees [16 VAC 25 ‑ 35]
Review 935
Periodic Review of this Chapter
Includes a Small Business Impact Review
Date Filed: 12/8/2008
Review Announcement
Pursuant to Executive Order 36 (2006), the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI) and the Safety and Health Codes Board (Board) will review the regulations entitled, Regulation Concerning Certified Lead Contractors Notification, Lead Project Permits, and Permit Fees Description, (16 VAC 25-35-10 et seq.). The purpose of the review is to determine whether this regulation should be amended, or retained in its current form. The review of this regulation will be guided by the principles listed in Executive Order 36 (2006).

The purpose of this regulation is to establish the notification requirements for certain lead projects and to provide for payment of permit fees based on the size of the lead project. The regulation also requires filing of amended notifications prior to changes in, or cancellation of, projects. It does not mandate the abatement of lead from any public or private property. (See the Code of Virginia, §§ 40.1-22 and 40.1-51.20.)

DOLI and the Board seek public comment on the review of issues related to these regulations, especially the following:

1. Does the regulation meet the following goals?

- Reduce the incidence of material impairment of the health of Virginians due to exposure to lead in the workplace or as an environmental pollutant.

- Provide a process for lead contractors to notify the government of lead projects and to pay fees to cover the costs of administering the program.

- Protect the public's health, safety and welfare with the least possible cost and intrusiveness to the citizens and businesses of the Commonwealth.

2. Is the regulation clearly written and easy to understand?

Comments on this regulation are welcome and will be accepted until January 26, 2009. Comments may be mailed to Reba O’Connor, Virginia Department of Labor and Industry, Powers-Taylor Building, 13 South 13th Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219 or emailed to:

Please include your full name and mailing address.

Contact Information
Name / Title: Jay Withrow  / Director, Legal Support, VPP, ORA, OPP, and OWP
Address: Main Street Centre
600 East Main Street, Suite 207
Richmond, VA 23219
Email Address:
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Publication Information and Public Comment Period
Published in the Virginia Register on 1/5/2009
Comment Period begins on the publication date and ends on 1/26/2009

Comments Received: 0

Review Result
Retain the regulation with no changes
pdf TH-07 Periodic Review Report of Findings   (5/1/2009)     modified (10/15/2019)
Attorney General Certification
Prior to early 2014, AG periodic review certifications were done off-line