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General Notice
Seeking Comment From Students or on Behalf of Students of Certain Private and Out-of-State Institutions Regarding Enrollment Agreements (Contracts)
Date Posted: 2/28/2020
Expiration Date: 4/17/2020
Submitted to Registrar for publication: YES
49 Day Comment Forum is underway. Began on 2/28/2020 and will end on 4/17/2020

The Private Postsecondary Education (PPE) division of the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) is responsible for the regulation and oversight of certain private and out-of-state institutions. As a result a legislative mandate, SCHEV is proposing regulatory language to amend 8VAC 40-31. Institutions certified by SCHEV are required to enter into an enrollment agreement with each student and provide student disclosures prescribed by the Council. The proposed language describes requirements of enrollment agreements now prescribed by law.

Regulation name: Regulations Governing the Certification of Certain Institutions to Confer Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates (8VAC 40-31)

Purpose of notice: This regulatory proposal was developed by a workgroup consisting of institutions of higher education.  During the public comment period for the Notice of Intended Regulatory Action (NOIRA), SCHEV received comments from institutions affected by this regulation.  However, students did not submit comments.  SCHEV would like to receive input from or on behalf of students on this regulatory proposal prior to adopting the final regulation.   SCHEV is opening a comment forum in connection to this general notice for this purpose.   

Public comment period: February 28, 2020 to April 17, 2020 (49 days)

Link to Proposed Regulation on Town Hall:


Link to SCHEV Agency Background Statement which further explains this regulatory proposal:\4821\8684\AgencyStatement_SCHEV_8684_v3.pdf

Other Notices:  

This regulation is being promulgated through the standard rulemaking process, a flowchart of which can be viewed here:  This regulatory action is now at the proposed stage.  After executive branch review and publication in the Register, there will be a 60-day public comment period.    

If you would like to be notified about this regulatory action as it continues to be developed, you can sign up on the Town Hall website here:  Be sure to sign up to receive information about SCHEV regulations. 

Contact Information
Name / Title: Sylvia Rosa-Casanova  / Director, Private Postsecondary Education
Address: 101 N. 14 Street
Richmond, 23219
Email Address:
Telephone: (804)225-3399    FAX: ()-    TDD: ()-