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Mandate 1103

Mandate Information
Mandate Title:
Uniform Statewide Building Code and Statewide Fire Prevention Code: Locking Devices, Barricade Devices, and other Safety Measures in Public Buildings
Purpose of legislation
Directs the Department of Housing and Community Development to convene stakeholders representing entities that enforce the Uniform Statewide Building Code (USBC) (§ 36-97 et seq.) and the Statewide Fire Prevention Code (SFPC) (§ 27-94 et seq.), other law-enforcement organizations, and representatives of local governments throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia to develop proposals for changes to the USBC and SFPC for submission to the Board of Housing and Community Development. Such proposals shall have the goal of assisting in the provision of safety and security measures for the Commonwealth's public buildings for active shooter or hostile threats while maintaining compliance with basic accessibility requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act (42 U.S.C. § 12131 et seq.). The review of the stakeholders shall include the examination of (i) door locking devices, (ii) barricade devices, and (iii) other safety measures on doors and windows for the purpose of preventing both ingress and egress in the event of a threat to the physical security of persons in such buildings.
Legislation mandating a change Chap 533 (2020)
VAC chapters to be amended
13 vac 5 - 51 : Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code
13 vac 5 - 63 : Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code
Associated Regulatory Actions No regulatory action has been filed.
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