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Title Compliance Manual Regulation Governing Juvenile Group Homes and Halfway House
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Summary This document shall serve as the compliance manual for the Regulation Governing Juvenile Group Homes and Halfway Houses (6VAC35-41) and is effective beginning January 1, 2014. This document shall govern all compliance audits of state and locally operated juvenile group homes and halfway houses, established pursuant to ยง 66-13 of the Code of Virginia and Chapter 2.1 of Title 66 (Juvenile Corrections Private Management Act), conducted by the Department of Juvenile Justice.
Effective Date 11/25/2014
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This document applies to the following chapters
[6 VAC 35-11] Public Participation Guidelines
[6 VAC 35-20] Regulations Governing the Certification Process
[6 VAC 35-30] Regulation Governing State Reimbursement of Local Juvenile Residential Facility Costs
[6 VAC 35-41] Regulation Governing Juvenile Group Homes and Halfway Houses
[6 VAC 35-90] [REPEALED] Standards for Post Dispositional Confinement for Secure Detention and Court Service Units
[6 VAC 35-160] Regulations Governing Juvenile Record Information and the Virginia Juvenile Justice Information System
[6 VAC 35-170] Minimum Standards for Research Involving Human Subjects or Records of the Department of Juvenile Justice

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