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Title Financial Assurance for Stockpiles of Materials for Beneficial Use or Other Uses
Document ID LPR-SW-04-2011
Summary Certain solid waste facilities are allowed to “stockpile” certain materials on site for beneficial use, constructions projects, or other uses. While these materials may be excluded as a solid waste under 9 VAC 20-81, they pose the same environmental risk if the facility owner or operator is unable to properly close the facility. In order to assure that the costs associated with protecting the public health and safety from the consequences of abandonment or failure to properly execute closure and post-closure care at a facility are to be recovered by the owner or operator, the owner or operator of such facility shall obtain additional financial assurance for those materials kept on site.
Effective Date 2/22/2013
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This document applies to the following chapters
[9 VAC 20-70] Financial Assurance Regulations for Solid Waste Disposal, Transfer and Treatment Facilities
[9 VAC 20-81] Solid Waste Management Regulations

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